Each Small Candle Lights a Corner of the Dark

Between painful discomfort with self and self-love is love of truth. Some may say… let go, let go, let go of the discomfort… but you know, I’m kind of an owl person: I like to go into the ‘dark’… maybe if we really can see how things come apart, we can understand how to restore ourselves on a higher level: higher because there is new information digested.

I want to look at what ‘let go’ means, as attempting to let go of what you haven’t understood and dealt with truthfully is pretty much self deceit… it remains as is, unlit and still in control. Continue reading

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Love Us Through

It was a year ago, about right now, that I started the ‘diagnosis’ journey. I’m talking about breast cancer. I didn’t like thinking, believing or saying, “I have cancer”, probably because I never felt like I ‘had’ cancer. Yes, there were a couple of locations where cancerous cells had accumulated into a mass in the breast tissue, but that was it. So I told friends and family that I was going to have to figure out what to do about a breast cancer diagnosis.

Initially the doctors said they had located one lump, but my friend Soren said there are two. Sure enough, the MRI agreed with him… there were two. That knowledge sent me on quite a journey, and I kept quiet about it, for the most part, except with family and friends. Then a few months ago I talked about it in a blog post, and that step took a bit of courage, I must admit. Continue reading

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Liberation – of That Specific Type

Who or what am I? We say “I Am”, but who or what is that? It seems there are many answers offered. Maybe the question has been fully answered for you. To me, the ‘I Am’ relates to empowerment as a Being; the capacity to create, the discipline to surrender to Higher Self, having ‘heart’ power, or fearless living, or all of it and then some.

In the last article I offered some conversation about contemplating. Does a flower in the desert complain and say, “I should be in a rainforest?” Of course not. It grows where it is. So, among the things I contemplate are the circumstances that surround me. Continue reading

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Contemplating Daybreak

I contemplate. Isn’t that an enjoyable sentence? Just two words that contain so much. A child’s sense of wonder… it’s not necessarily seeing everything as wonderful, but wondering about reality. We have a natural desire for things to be made clear and comprehensible, and to know the reason. If it doesn’t make sense, we keep at it until we’re satisfied, or until the ‘authority’ starts to show signs of irritation.

As we grow, conditioning narrows the field of perception and inquiry. Education enters the picture, offering both the questions and the answers. We are conditioned to behave and know what we are supposed to know. So there you have it – the box that is our world, containing the problems, the solutions, and the rules. Everything defined, creation and exploration limited to the service of the box. Continue reading

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Momz Goodies – Happy Solstice

I’m enjoying it – thinking it might speak to you too!



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It’ll All Come Out in the Wash

Do ‘young people with rough journeys’ just walk in my door because it’s open, or are they requesting an invitation because I have something to learn… about them, myself, and what is? In other words, did my need of them bring them here?

That’s a question I asked myself years ago, and I always thought I knew the answer… yeah, this is for me, and for them too. My own ‘young person’ story is smooth, and even heavenly compared to what I’m seeing today. So I reasoned that maybe life wants to show me what this ‘reality’ is like for others – and if I’m astute enough, perhaps we can get to the spiritual core and we’ll all evolve. Continue reading

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Words That Speak

Any request from another – heard by you – should not be ignored; for it is coming from yourself! ~ Neville Goddard

Words that speak what is in the heart are filled with spirit and spirit is life. This is true… words have power. I’m sure you’ve noticed… this is a noisy, word-filled world, and many of the words we hear and read are, to put it nicely, ‘waste’: no real information, oftentimes lies or exaggeration, and sometimes vile and polluting.

What harm has been spread through words. Would people change if they realized their words shape their fate? Hateful, loving, truthful, deceitful, angry, reconciling… speaking a word is actually doing a deed. We learn to be conscious of our deeds, knowing that what goes around comes around, as they say. But what about words? Continue reading

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