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Hi Everyone – this is just a brief note for you, the much appreciated followers of Talk2Momz. First of all, Thank You! I always think of you when I’m writing, and I hope that comes through.

You’ve probably noticed the Services page where I advertise my services as a proofreader, editor, copy editor and copywriter. I’d love to undertake more work in this area, so if you have something you’d like me to look at, or you have a friend or acquaintance who needs some editing help, please let them know I’m available. Continue reading

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So Says Grandmother

A few days ago I started going through some of the older articles posted on Talk2Momz. I wanted to see what was on my mind a couple of years ago, and whether I would still offer the same message. We do learn from experience, and sometimes a lot of change and a lot of experience will take place in a day or a month, much less two years.

In the past few months change has come quickly, and I think a lot of us have felt this. These changes may not be in the practical circumstances of our lives, but in the inner world, in how we experience things. There could be a shift in what we feel is tolerable; we might be eliminating whatever doesn’t sit right, quietly waiting for clarity, listening to the heart, or any number of things. We are a part of the global collective mind: it’s our mind too, so of course we’re dealing with what is ours and what is not ours, and this is experienced on a feeling level. Continue reading

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Momz ‘LIKES’: Surrender to a Rescue

Sometimes we come across a story that has to be shared… it is just that beautiful. This one is brief, but I know you’ll know what I’m feeling. Enjoy!

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Momz Goodies: Damien Escobar performing “Awaken”

For your enjoyment… a classically trained violinist offering an incredibly beautiful and soulful contemporary piece – referred to as “crossover violin” – as he brings the violin into pop, R&B, hip-hop and jazz. Damien graduated from Julliard at age 13, performed as a street musician with his brother, and soon after became a professional composer and recording artist. Continue reading

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Movements in Spirit

In the hazy awareness between awake and asleep, an image comes front and center: it’s a thick, heavy, leather-bound book. It appears, I look at it, a hand closes the book, and I come awake. “What was that,” I wonder. It seems important. Something is finished… I wonder what.

Nine months ago, this past December, I began to Mother myself. It was an exercise in ‘I should’ removal. After a lifetime of seeking, intending to make myself a better person, wanting to evolve and understand, to heal through expanded consciousness, to serve through my personal labors, I decided to stop it. The critic within had worn me out. Continue reading

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Momz Goodies: Interview with Jona Bryndis

Conversation is so enjoyable when the talk is about life… our personal stories of life. Stories become more than “stuff that happened to me” when life experience is viewed in a consciousness or spiritual context. From that viewpoint the story becomes a shared gift of insight. Continue reading

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Momz ‘LIKES’: The Other Side of Our Mind’s Fear

I hope you’ll enjoy another article by Jona Bryndis, this one on facing fears and resistances as we expand our consciousness. I really appreciate Jona’s observations on trends that attempt to interfere with our collective evolution, her practical advice on facing fears, and some very helpful guidance with regard to mind chatter and meditation. You’ll find the meditation guidance in the session report linked at the bottom of this post. The full title of the article is: Getting on the Other Side of Our Mind’s Fear of Our Evolving Consciousness. Continue reading

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