Momz Goodies – Introducing Amraah

When you get into your sixth or seventh decade of life, things begin to look a little different. You see the slow-moving grey-haired folks and no longer are they some other species. And so the fiery ones among us decide, “That’s not my destiny. No to the weekly doctor visits, no to the nursing home, no to the slow ‘fade away’, I’m going to live some more.”

“Allow nothing or nobody to break your faith for any reason.” If that statement sounds like a Facebook meme, that’s because it is. There are lots of memes like this, meant to encourage us I guess. There are also a few people who don’t need a meme… they just do what they’re going to do. Period. Continue reading

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In a Capacity for Love

Peaceful, wholly contained moments: sometimes they come to us while in nature, sometimes when family is in ‘sync’, sometimes within an embrace. It’s as if a blessing descends, we’re in our body, and the body knows that everything is perfect: we feel uplifted and at home in an expanded, balanced center. “I am here, my heart is happy, this is real, love is here, and it’s eternal.”

As you might guess, we’re starting out with the ‘perfect moment’ because I recently enjoyed one. My six-year-old granddaughter was visiting, and for about an hour, daddy and a bunch of uncles were helping her play with some new, funny ‘sticky’ blocks. When the clowning around was over, I left the room for a bit, and returned to see an entirely different picture: she was engrossed in music with one of the uncles. I watched as they listened to the Japanese drums, then the didgeridoo, then the African drums. Continue reading

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Sailing the Sea of Change

You might be saying, “I am a spiritual person, not an activist. My spiritual solution tells me to work on raising my energy and expanding consciousness, and not concern myself the horrors of this world.”

Or you might be saying, “I cannot intentionally look away from suffering that I could possibly ease; suffering that my heart has asked me to ease. I am a spiritual-minded person, but I must be an activist.” Continue reading

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Duty and Desire

Many of us have gone through an experience where duty seems to conflict with the desire of our heart to fulfill our lives. These conflicts are our crossroads, and if it is true that we call experiences to ourselves, and our outer life mirrors inner life, then the crossroads are very valuable. Through them, and sometimes through pain, we find our way to the truth… that we are duty. ‘Duty to what’ is the question.

I’ve been thinking back to times when I was at a crossroad, and I gave way to restrictive circumstances. I accepted it, feeling duty pressed upon me. Heart’s desire was pushed into the distance, an unapproved option, requiring strength and courage to even consider. Continue reading

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Trust in Self

I woke up this morning with such a feeling of gratitude that I am alive, in a perfectly wonderful body, able to watch an incredible unfolding of events, and participate in a change of worlds. I know there are people who feel like they don’t belong in 3D, where there is pain, and inhumanity. It feels so abusive, and they dream of going ‘home’. I understand the longing, but I’m not into the idea that home is somewhere other than where I am.

I’m at home within my universe, acknowledging this journey as the ultimate experience. Where else would I want to be? Now, people might say that none of this experience is reality. That’s fine. If I’m an actor on the stage, then I’m putting my heart and soul into the play. This play is where the action is. Continue reading

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Contemplating Daybreak – a New Book

Hi Everyone,

Just sending you a note to let you know I’ve published another book. It’s a compilation of the most recent blogs, and hopefully the best. Of course everything can be accessed in electronic form, but there still are people who like to read while not in front of a computer. Also, there are those of us who recognize that a day may come when we don’t have our Internet anymore, and libraries will mean a lot. Continue reading

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Can We Have a Silent Night Please…

My thoughts today are on the babe in the manger… beginning with a snapshot from my childhood. At the age of eight or nine I did most of the things that my well-intentioned parents wanted, but I had started to think and question and resist what I didn’t understand. Fear wasn’t born at that moment of resistance, but it was recognized: “I’m afraid, but I still can’t stand up and say that Jesus is in my heart.”

Where was fear born? For me it must have come with the concept of conditional love. This was the dilemma, as it was for a whole lot of us as children I suspect… do we think about things and question what we are given, and risk losing ‘God’s love’ and/or the approval of our parents, family, teachers, friends, society and so on? Continue reading

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