Dimensional Jumping, Already

I woke up this morning feeling inexplicably happy… with a ‘little kid looking forward to a fun day’ spirit. What happened? Circumstances haven’t changed, but then again who knows?

Some people say we do dimensional jumping, and there are many dimensions to slip into, all with a different feel, which would explain some of our mood changes. If that’s the case, I’ve been in one of the ‘everything is divine’ versions of my life. Continue reading

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Momz ‘LIKES': Yin/Yang… Feminine/Masculine

I hope you’ll enjoy an article that I enjoyed reading, written by Jona Bryndis, on a subject that is sometimes not that easy to understand… our inner feminine and masculine. Jona goes into some depth on the subject, so be sure to follow the link at the bottom to read the rest of the article. The full title is: YIN/YANG: How our inner Masculine and Feminine Balance affects our Life and Relationships. Continue reading

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Romantic Love in Times of Confusion

I hope you will enjoy my second interview with Soren Dreier on the subject of romantic love. Soren’s talk  travels through what we see in the modern day of short attention spans, the three pillars of love that would be present in a lasting relationship, and intimate love and spirituality. He ends the interview by touching on the subject of soul mates and twin flames. Continue reading

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Goody Do Right – or Do Right

I am what I am… and I feel really good about it. Actually I feel really good about everything I’ve ever been! And that’s a change. A few years ago my inner voice would be chiming in about right now with some reminders of unfinished work in the ‘make me good’ project.

Sometimes, on the spiritual or consciousness trek, we can cram our heads a little too full and become a perpetually in need of fixing… as if a goal of ‘arrived’ is somewhere or somehow achievable and we have to just find the right practice or belief. I’ve been wondering, what is this thing that keeps us dissatisfied with ourselves, conjuring up more about me that is wrong? Continue reading

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Stress – The Weapon of Choice

Recently I was privileged to be able to interview Soren Dreier on the very important subject of stress and illness. Soren points out three immune systems: physical, emotional and spiritual. ‘Three immune systems’ is an entirely new way of looking at the avenues through which attacks come against us. I found the interview to be very interesting, and I hope you have the time to listen and enjoy. Continue reading

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Not All We See

Oh the obstacles to seeing things As They Are

Let’s start with a debunked idea: the Natives couldn’t see the ships of Christopher Columbus because their minds could not comprehend something so far out of their range of experience. They looked at the sea and saw nothing approaching.

Very imaginative but not likely. People can see strange and unfamiliar things, but they do sometimes try really hard not to. Especially if what is on the horizon smells of hell. Continue reading

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Momz Goodies: Pavarotti and Wonder

Peace Wanted Just to Be Free

Sweet woman child needn’t cry anymore
Now we all know what you’ve long known before
Sad that it took all one’s lifetime to see
Peace wanted just to be free

Strong man shall open your armor of fear
Your dream of love
Is what brought this day here
Evil is lost and hate is deceased
Joy is of what we feast
For life can now live in world peace

Continue reading

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