Momz Goodies: Pavarotti and Wonder

Peace Wanted Just to Be Free

Sweet woman child needn’t cry anymore
Now we all know what you’ve long known before
Sad that it took all one’s lifetime to see
Peace wanted just to be free

Strong man shall open your armor of fear
Your dream of love
Is what brought this day here
Evil is lost and hate is deceased
Joy is of what we feast
For life can now live in world peace

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Momz ‘LIKES': Truth or Consequence

A few weeks ago I began to post articles from writers whose work or whose messages I really appreciate. Today’s offering is Karma: Truth or Consequence from Jona Bryndis. Since karma is something we’re all experiencing, and yet, from what I hear, impossible to fully understand, any teacher who breaks it down a bit is much appreciated. There’s a link at the bottom to the rest of the article, and to her blog, which is full of good information.

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Mother’s Day – Earth Day – Why Not Every Day

We’re approaching Mother’s Day – another commercial holiday in the U.S. about which we can have mixed feelings. The marketing encourages everyone to give attention to their mom, and talk to her, spend money on her, or if she has left this physical plane, to think of her and miss her.

Mothers definitely don’t mind having a day when they can enjoy some attention, so it’s pretty much a given that a lot of flowers and greeting cards will be sold. That’s the way it works, and I’m no different. I like the attention, love flowers and dinner out, and I miss my Mom… can’t think of her voice calling my name without the eyes getting wet. Continue reading

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A Need and An Ecstasy

There’s so much I don’t know, so much it would seemingly benefit me to know, and SO much knowledge available to us right now. Recently a friend showed me some of the spiritual/metaphysical videos he had been watching, and he remarked on the availability of such previously sought-after information. It’s true… some of this is treasure! Why is it now freely given to millions?

In the past, people who wanted knowledge would have to first discover that there is such a thing, and then go through great effort to get to the location where that knowledge is, and once found, they would have to qualify to receive it. So ‘seeking to know’ would have to be the person’s destiny: can’t help it, born to do it, pulled to it in fact. Continue reading

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Momz ‘LIKES': Blue and Dandy

I’ve created a new category of posts for the much appreciated followers of Talk2Momz. I think we’ve all been through kind of a foggy time during the past couple of months. People say there’s been an energetic shift, and that may be the case. It certainly feels like something is re-aligning within me, and I’ll be writing about that.

But right now I’m re-aligning the Momz blog a bit, and hoping that you’ll enjoy and appreciate these small changes. There are some writers whose messages I really like: maybe there’s something in the article that speaks to me, or maybe it’s clarifying information, which is always helpful. I’m going to post these articles now and then under the Momz ‘LIKES’ category. Continue reading

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Leave Your Light On

Lots of people say it, and it can’t be denied… this would be a wonderful, balanced natural world if humans weren’t a part of it. Knowing how accepted this sentiment is, I feel for us. We’re not meant to be a curse. We see what’s been done to the earth and to us, and we’re working so diligently to comprehend what has allowed it, and what we can do to change it.

How did humans get so out of balance? By ignoring, fearing, demeaning, even hating and destroying a most vital part of ourselves. We were born into it, so let’s not go to guilt. Continue reading

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Momz Goodies – Sunday Morning Music

For your enjoyment, I’ve posted two pieces of music. These artists have a following, so you may be familiar with them… but they are new to me, so I wanted to share. The first is a mesmerizing piece by Tim Wheater, and the second is an incredible gift from Snatam Kaur, entitled “Love Vibration”. Tim Wheater’s piece feels like a Spring morning, which it is! The piece by Snatam Kaur is a universal healing prayer… to me it feels like a drink of water.

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