Momz Goodies – Interview With Martial Arts Master

I want to share with you my recent interview with Sifu Florin Szondi. You’ll see that we don’t just talk about the martial arts… the Sifu very much enjoys talking about the art of Being, life, spiritual matters, Taiji (Yin/Yang), and lots of interesting things. I did three interviews, and I’m going to share the second one with you, as I think you might enjoy it the most. I’ll also link to my YouTube channel where you can listen to the other two, if you wish.

Sifu Szondi is a multiple award winning Taiji Quan international champion, international and national competition judge, and 20th generation Chen family member. Continue reading

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Momz Goodies – How is Amraah?

Poverty with Dignity – the people who walk this tightrope are not automatically richer in spirit, or soul, like the movies pretend they are. Perhaps more than most, they are beset with the question, “Is there value in me.” But there are some who do enjoy ‘wealth of spirit’ and they know their value. These are the noble poor, who are eager to give of themselves.

I introduced you to Amraah a few weeks ago. I doubt she would ever say she experienced poverty or even lack, as all she talks about is the beauty of life, the beauty of people, the dream of being helpful and giving. I also doubt there are many who would want to trade places and live in a van for years and years. At age 75, she still finds enjoyment in that. Bless her… here is another portion of her story, and her dream. Continue reading

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I Tremble For My Country

Truth is a force that rises from the depths, descends from above, and slides in from the sides. It’s a force capable of shaking the ground we stand on… capable of changing everything. It actually is the ‘I AM’ force.

If you’re willing, today we’ll take a longer than usual walk, in some doo doo, keeping the boots on, and slugging on through. Maybe we’ll reach acceptance of what happened. Acceptance, in this case, is courageous, humbling, painful, loving, and the beginning of a particular kind of change… from turning away to turning toward. Continue reading

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Got Any Labels On You?

Today I’d like to talk about what we’re talking about. Terminology: doctors have their own that only they understand, lawyers have theirs, schoolbooks compete for the ‘most boring’ crown, and psychologists have some nice big words to make simple things sound complex, businesses have their very specific terminology, farmers have theirs, and ‘urban’ just has terminology fun.

Religions definitely invented plenty of new terms and probably argued about the meaning of them for a hundred years or so. Who knows… maybe they’re still arguing about what the soul is. And ‘New Age’ has its own terminology too; concepts that we either understand, or we cruise on past pretending that we understand. Continue reading

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Dimensional Jumping, Already

I woke up this morning feeling inexplicably happy… with a ‘little kid looking forward to a fun day’ spirit. What happened? Circumstances haven’t changed, but then again who knows?

Some people say we do dimensional jumping, and there are many dimensions to slip into, all with a different feel, which would explain some of our mood changes. If that’s the case, I’ve been in one of the ‘everything is divine’ versions of my life. Continue reading

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Momz ‘LIKES': Yin/Yang… Feminine/Masculine

I hope you’ll enjoy an article that I enjoyed reading, written by Jona Bryndis, on a subject that is sometimes not that easy to understand… our inner feminine and masculine. Jona goes into some depth on the subject, so be sure to follow the link at the bottom to read the rest of the article. The full title is: YIN/YANG: How our inner Masculine and Feminine Balance affects our Life and Relationships. Continue reading

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Romantic Love in Times of Confusion

I hope you will enjoy my second interview with Soren Dreier on the subject of romantic love. Soren’s talk  travels through what we see in the modern day of short attention spans, the three pillars of love that would be present in a lasting relationship, and intimate love and spirituality. He ends the interview by touching on the subject of soul mates and twin flames. Continue reading

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