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A little gift from the music world once again… hope you’ll join me in enjoying a moment in the Now, just loving us humans.



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The Lonesome Road

I’ve never been one to have a wake-up ritual, but lately there seems to be one forming. When I come into awareness that I’m awake, gratitude comes in first. I’ve been saying a thank you prayer, to myself and All that Is… every day, however it unfolds, this is life and it’s wonderful to be here.

Something else has ‘come in’ lately too: a correction. Life is not a school, or a testing place, or even an evolutionary journey for oneself. Being born into Life is not as self-serving as we may have viewed it. There is something greater, sacred and holy. Life is Grace… an opportunity TO serve. The realization is humbling in the extreme. Continue reading

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Like Rumi In His Field

I’ve been shining some light into the darkness lately, and these thoughts might seem like seriousness in a world plagued with too much of that. We need happiness and a bright vision of a world where every human is self-governing from a conscious perspective. That world is coming, as the sun rises, and it’s for the coming of that world that I look into the darkness. Fear is such an enemy of growth, and darkness is not to be feared. So let’s shine some light on one darkness that people have pondered for a long, long time… sin.

We have the nature and the capacity to make choices; right and wrong, good and evil, sin and… what’s the opposite of sin? English doesn’t have a word for the opposite of sin. The best ‘opposite’ I can offer takes up seven words: something that brings merit to the doer. I guess it would follow that sin is something that brings demerit to the doer. But what is the ‘standard’ above which something is a merit and below which something is a demerit? Continue reading

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Targeting Breasts

I remember my grandmother’s breasts: Grandma Ida, sitting in the big chair by the window, holding my newborn, firstborn son. He was sleeping in her arms, and her arms were resting on breasts that seemed to reach even below her waist. Grandma didn’t want me to come and take my sleeping son, and put him in a bassinet… she loved babies, holding babies. Who had the heart to go and take him away? Not me.

Grandma nursed nine children and kept them all alive in the early days of the 20th century. A Norwegian immigrant, she and her family had migrated to the U.S. Midwest: prairie country. They lived near the Missouri River with their first shelter being a home constructed of sod, dug out of a hillside. One cannot imagine how harsh it was, and difficult to keep nine children alive and growing, but they did it. Continue reading

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Impressions of Inferiority

Darkness brought us alive. Deep, rich, restorative darkness; filled with infinite potentiality, fertility, beauty, information of the ages… the magnificent pattern of it All. Beloved darkness. And we turn our face away from the word ‘darkness’ and from the thought of darkness. The light is what we value, the light is what we need, we need tomorrow morning, there is no light in darkness, or so we believe. But yes, there is light in the undervalued darkness.

We all know the yin/yang symbol… the dark in which the light is embedded, and the light in which the dark is embedded. These are the dualities of the natural world, spoken of by everyone from scientists and philosophers to nutritionists and cooks, and certainly martial artists. The indivisible whole in constant movement, and yet, they say, too much of one can weaken and consume the other. Continue reading

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Beautiful Tales Unfolding

Stories just unfold and unfold; hour by hour the pages of our book are written. Some say we write those pages ourselves, including the seemingly ‘outside of our control’ experiences. Accidents, unwelcome circumstances, surprising opportunities, forgetting, missteps, chance meetings, world events, other people’s decisions, childhood experiences… these things that ‘happen’ make up much of our lives while we respond, or react, or acquiesce, or ignore, or endure them, or stand up to them.

But sometimes I wonder. Do things happen, or are we writing our own book… somehow, in some way, creating happenings? I know it’s a weird question, but it seems a vital one in healing. It also seems vital as well in comprehending whether or not our personal evolution and energy transformation, as we go through these experiences, is a fractal bit of the experience of ‘All that Is’.

Continue reading

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We’re All Complete Little Bits of God

I don’t ever want to see another person hurt in love… in fact, I don’t ever want to see another person or animal or piece of the earth hurt at all, in any way. The energy of injustice and betrayal, conflict and injury, entrapment, deception, terror and fear of death, is food for the emotion suckers… and they are well fed nowadays. It is through the emotions that an individual can be drained of inner power, so the emotional system is a really vital one to look at.

We don’t want to be ‘emotion-less’, we don’t want to be ‘emotion-controlled’, and we don’t want to be food for the energy vampires, so what do we do? Continue reading

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