Under Pressure

“We enter the world with something and leave with something.” That’s pretty cut-and-dried. Is it true? Could it be that the precious little baby with the unique spirit came in with zero, zilch, nothing? Could it be that the old woman, no longer breathing, ends right there – zero, zilch, ‘is no more’?

Of course not… and I’m confident you don’t think so either. We inherit memories and we remember feelings, we watch ourselves, we observe nature, we think and study and experiment following an inner guide, and we look inside through meditation. No one has to tell us to live like we’re eternal… it just seems to be hardwired. Who would believe that birth is the beginning and death the end. Not me… not Consciousness. Continue reading

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Eternal Damnation Doesn’t Seem to Work

“Every path comes with a price.” I read that statement somewhere and decided to write it down and think about it. Life is a journey, for everyone, and journeys are taken on paths. But the “every path comes with a price” statement sounds a bit intimidating or threatening. So, what ‘price’ are we talking about here?

When we grow up under the ‘eternal damnation if you do it wrong’ threat, we can get a little wary or even fearful of taking the wrong path. Let’s start out by eliminating the threatening feeling of the word ‘price’. If by price we mean effort, well of course… every single life requires effort. If the price we’re talking about is karma, that could be experienced as enjoyable or difficult. Continue reading

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Men Are Friggin Gorgeous!!

The article below was one of the first entries on Talk2Momz. I thought I´d re-post and celebrate that because it shows me how much we change in these times of rapid change. So here is the evidence to support that notion. The original title was “Loving a Man.” And yes, I still agree with me… men are friggin gorgeous.

A few months ago a female friend of mine said to me, “Men fall in love, women make a deal.” Continue reading

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Soft and Powerless?

Are we intuitively led and guided despite the ego? Looking back, my life tells me that we certainly are: intuition, synchronicity, the magnetic pull of our yearning to understand why, and what is… these things slowly move us toward awareness of True Self and Spirit. I imagine it’s that way for all of us who haven’t lost the yearning. We are remembering or reawakening to what is forgotten, and we are helped.

It’s totally on point to say ‘despite the ego’, since the ego is the obstacle. When I think about some of my attempts at spiritual seeking or having ‘spiritual’ relationships, always so fraught with righteous emotion, ‘worthless me’, and sacrifice, I have to shake my head and smile. What a story: big ego invites serious ‘rearrangement’… again. Continue reading

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Unharmed Dreaming

Watching as the season changes, looking back at the stages of life, dreaming of an unborn ‘unharmed’ generation, standing still as the falling world speeds by, inhaling the light and exhaling all else. What am I trying to get to? Clarity.

We’re into another autumn in the northern climes… and the operative word is ‘another’. Did the season change too soon? Other people have written about time and the speed of it, so maybe, collectively, we’re in that space… conscious of the chaotic events whirling around us while we don’t seem to be moving. Continue reading

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Ties to Cut – Ties to Mend

Spending time in the universe within… it’s vital. We all know the importance of being our own rescuer, especially when there is emotional bombardment to deal with. Although we may wish we could be insulated from the negativity and distress, it’s going to be there, people are going to be affected, and thoughts can become scattered. For me, meditation has been both a rescue and a return home.

The other day I saw a Facebook meme that reminded me of how much we need to turn inward. It said, “I am homesick for a place I don’t even know exists, one where my heart is full and my soul is understood.” I can relate to the feeling that the writer describes, as I had that same longing for years, sometimes believing I was misplaced… my soul couldn’t find any kinship here. Continue reading

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Where the Warrior Comes In

At this moment in time, as we stand on the precipice of devolution or evolution, what does ‘pay attention’ mean to us? Our hearts seek wisdom and courage, and the justified faith that attention can bring. We came into this, so is attention the price of being born… an obligation?

At the moment I’m thinking that there sure is an obligation; an obligation an awful lot of humans seem to have forgotten. Or maybe, if I am to be kind and more accurate, attention has been and is completely conditioned and programmed out, i.e. “Here are your blinders… learn to regurgitate the opinions we give you, pay attention to the rules, and have a nice day!” Continue reading

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