Momz Goodies – Sunday Morning Music

For your enjoyment, I’ve posted two pieces of music. These artists have a following, so you may be familiar with them… but they are new to me, so I wanted to share. The first is a mesmerizing piece by Tim Wheater, and the second is an incredible gift from Snatam Kaur, entitled “Love Vibration”. Tim Wheater’s piece feels like a Spring morning, which it is! The piece by Snatam Kaur is a universal healing prayer… to me it feels like a drink of water.

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The Thought of Love’s Victory

I’ve been thinking about the messages that we give each other and ourselves. Sometimes these really hit the mark, and they help a lot. Often the help comes not from a big long article, but just a few words. So I wondered what few words would help us ‘in this time’. You know and I know that what’s going on in the world now is so death-loving that it’s beyond comprehension. It affects us deeply, and this is what I mean by ‘in this time’.

Here we are… as radiation kills the ocean, fracking poisons the groundwater, chemtrails poison the sky, insane war mongers lust after death, hatred of every sort rises like an odor from hell, and that’s just the beginning. We’re nauseated, beyond being shocked… it’s more like we’re shell-shocked. Continue reading

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Lay Down Your Burdens

When we take note of the ‘feel’ something or someone has, we’re not talking about physical touch or emotion, we’re talking about inner feeling. Essence, state of being, resonance, energy, vibration… these are workable words for it too.

A consistent, long-term inner feeling might show up in the body or facial expression, it’ll be evident in those people and situations we draw toward ourselves, it will be complimented in a soul mate, it will be anchored anew with every significant change we make, and it is changeable moment to moment as well. Continue reading

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Momz Goodies – Creating a Circuit

People live interesting lives and they do cool things, for themselves, for others, and for the world. I really appreciate the interesting people I’ve met through this blog, and today I want to thank one of them for what he’s sharing, and for including me in his heart.

Toward the beginning of January I received an email from Mr. Welles B Goodrich telling me that I’d been nominated for the Nobull Peace Prize. Now you have to smile at that immediately, and when I investigated what he was doing through the Theoretics Institute, I really felt honored and grateful. Continue reading

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The Big Kahuna in the Sky

I just listened to a video where a happy young woman was advising listeners to ask the universe for a sign when there is a decision to make. I’ve heard people say similar things plenty of times, about what the universe has done, or will do. In fact, the universe seems to be taking over the ‘spiritual awakening’ lexicon: the universe will handle it folks… just ask.

Pardon me for coming up with a silly question, but… what do we mean? So much personal attention from ‘the universe’… how is this done? Continue reading

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Love from the Great Beyond

A few weeks ago I visited with a friend who had recently lost his daughter-in-law. She had been dealing with cancer and things appeared to be going well, then suddenly her body gave way and within two weeks she was gone. His son was devastated… such a young man, with his wife gone. It’s a lot to come to terms with.

I expressed my sympathy and said something like, “She isn’t really gone.” Later on I realized how ‘un-comforting’ those words are. Of course she’s really gone from his son, who is never to feel her body in an embrace, never to hear her laughter, never to look in her eyes again. We love each other in the physical realm, and when the physical is gone from us, our loved one is very much gone. Continue reading

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Oh, What a Fool Believes!

From what I hear, there are human beings in the world who are profoundly knowing, radiating love and light, evoking tremendous reverence, and battling the darkness on a refined level, sometimes simply by being. We may not realize that we benefit from these ‘living blessings’ being here, but we do benefit, greatly.

I am told that people at this level of development will have worked through the pain and grief that everyone encounters in this inside-out, upside-down world. They did the work by living in a dedicated way, with the intention of awakening to true self, comprehending the origin and purpose of pain, and transforming it. Continue reading

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