New Book: The Thought of Love’s Victory

Since I established this website nearly three years ago my writing has changed so much, and my world has expanded with many new friendships, among them some wonderful teachers and healers. I love them, and I love you… the readers: all who have participated in the unfolding of these months and years. That’s our life journey… we get out there and explore and at the same time we go in and explore, and it’s precious, precious life. Continue reading

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Momz Goodies: Talking Crop Circles With Chautauqua

I hope you enjoy this interview with Chautauqua Hunter as much as I did. He talks about his observations over the years, the evidence that many of these are not human-made, some of the changes in the 2015 circles, and his own visit to a crop circle in California. Lots of interesting information and, of course, some guesswork, as this mystery is still one of those ‘unknowns’. Continue reading

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The Systematic Distortion of Color

When I set out to write on race, not as an advocate of something but as a communication, there is an inherent challenge: what can stretch across these extreme divisions? We already know the heart is the key, and we know this because as a child, we loved instinctively, without fear. Then came the programming, taking us far away from instinctive and authentic.

Very sadly, people who would be tender and understanding if they knew the experience and felt the pain of the ‘other’, are caught in a net of hate. Can talking and listening have an effect on that? I believe so… as a matter of fact, I know so. Continue reading

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Momz Goodies: World Without End

In the triple darkness of our inner Feminine is a holy, silent center, where the heartbeat of new life is first heard. This life giver, nurturer, comforter and restorer lives in all of us, and it is She who takes us to the heart-centered path. How vigorously this decayed and dying culture denigrates the Feminine with anti-nature assaults. Tonight I turn for strength to Mother, the beloved within who believes in me. Some years ago Bobby McFerrin wrote a beautiful song for her, and I’ve been feeling the reverent tone… so grateful to be reminded. Here it is for you, and I hope you enjoy. Continue reading

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Mistaken Soulfulness

What could a person possibly gain from insecurity? What could be the reward of feeling undeserving? Why would we harbor low self-esteem? Why do we think against ourselves? These states are not natural to our essence or inner being, so why… where did the urge to give away our power come from?

I grew up in the American Midwest, in a place where people worked very hard for not a lot of reward. And yet, I can’t remember a single instance of a farmer saying ‘I deserve’ a better life. Everyone I knew behaved as if self-denial was humble and spiritual and a sign of goodness, and ‘I deserve’ was presumptuous and greedy. Continue reading

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Momz Goodies: Interview With Chautauqua Hunter

Chautauqua Hunter is popular writer of stories, adventure tales, and articles on spirituality and the expansion of our consciousness. After reading a recent article of his entitled “5-D is Looking Better Every Day,” I realized that I’d like to interview him on the subject of 3-D, 4-D, 5-D and so on. We read numerous articles and listen to videos about 5-D consciousness, I know I do, but it still seems one of those terms that mean different things to different people. Chautauqua agreed to an interview, and it turned out so well… he offered really great information. I think you’ll enjoy it! Continue reading

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Momz ‘LIKES’: Voluntary Vulnerability…

I hope you’ll enjoy an article that I enjoyed reading, written by Jona Bryndis, on the subject of being open to love. Being open and vulnerable can be quite a challenge if we have experienced emotional pain in loving and losing, or we feel we have caused pain by loving and leaving. Jona goes into love and pain, and the ego motivation to control. Be sure to follow the link at the bottom to read the rest of the article. The full title is: Voluntary Vulnerability: The Art of Loving with an Open Heart. Continue reading

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