Along Came a Gardener

On this journey, life gives us scenarios that ask us to ‘live up’ to ourselves. When we decide to live up we change, and we go back and clean up our mess. For example, if you realize you harmed your children emotionally, if you failed to protect them, tell them that you have realized how you harmed them and invite them to talk about the pain it caused. Feel the pain it caused. It is an open heart that creates a space for forgiveness… if not now, some day. Stay there until it’s time to go. And then be on call to help them. There is redemption in this. Continue reading

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The Path Is Moving Up

If there ever was a time in my life to be determinedly in the world but not of it, now is that time. I don’t have to give a rundown on the things that are happening. Everybody knows because we can’t help being ‘in it’. If we don’t look at the turmoil, we still feel it, especially the empathetic ones among us. We’re in it, and how do we be ‘not of it’?

A chance encounter: M – “How are you doing?” O – “I’m doing okay.” M – “How are you doing really?” O – “I’m tired.” M – “Me too.” O – “I guess it’s not easy for any of us.” M – “No, it isn’t.” They hug, one of them weeps, the other one holds, and that’s how people keep on keepin’ on. Continue reading

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Still Breathing in a Time of Insanity?

For several months, as I woke up in the morning, I could feel myself coming back from far away… and a not too pleasant far away. Once I would open my eyes and realize I was in my familiar room, this location, these circumstances, this ‘my daily life’ story, clarity would begin to return. I’m here, glad to be here… now where did I go and why???

Not remembering dreams or any people that I met, just the mental activity and the feeling, I ask myself if I have been pulled into, or intentionally traveled into the turmoil-filled collective subconscious. It could be that, or it could be my own dross and I’m doing some visiting. In any case, when I realize that I’m still here, incarnated in this cool body, able to make the choices and do the journey, it’s a relief. The outcome of this journey is beyond beautiful, so all I can say is… Whew! It’s all good, let’s keep it moving. Continue reading

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Momz Goodies: Some Beautiful Communications

There are times when we really need to receive the communications, depth and beauty of others – it’s like enjoying nourishing food. I hope you benefit from these two videos. They come with my love to the followers of this blog – you are Appreciated. Continue reading

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Motherless Child Revisited

We’re approaching another one of the holidays in the US, this one being Mother’s Day. On Sunday we’re encouraged to give some love to Mom, and even though it’s a contrived and commercial holiday, it can still be sweet. As it happens, this article does touch upon Mother. It was not my intention to post a ‘mother’ writing on this particular weekend but since it just happened, I’m kind of glad of the coincidence.

I’m going to begin with something Stuart Wilde said: “You don’t have to apologize for the fact that you decided to take life in a sacred way. You don’t have to apologize for the fact that you’re silently walking from ego to God.” So, no apologies, we will just walk and do whatever keeps us on track.

Always now, always new: we’re the orchestra or we’re the choir, we’re performing and we know instinctively where every other one is going with the next note – no worries, no thinking, just being and enjoying. It’s perfection. The flow, energy, color, sound – life is divinity in the act of eternally creating the new. Continue reading

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Momz ‘Likes’: Journey to Healing

My family… brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews… are American Midwestern Farmer Teacher Rancher folks. They ride horses, harvest crops, drive pickup trucks really fast on dirt roads, have great big family meals, argue about politics a little bit, look at the stars and the sky a lot more than city folks do, can smell and feel the weather, and they’re really good people – down to earth and not too gossipy. I love the way the men can fix almost anything; I love the way the women can create beauty anywhere, anytime.

The occasional soul will be born and grow up in the safety of their world only to venture out and explore other places, other cultures, other religions. There are great distances to explore, and one can do it without having to trash the place they came from. Whoever is honest with themselves and others is able to hear the sound of honesty anywhere, even if it comes from far across the world and across time. Continue reading

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Cultivating the Love

I was going to write a little article about drugs and plant medicines, but when I started thinking about it so many things came to mind: pain, fear, intention, weariness, inner strength, choices… and the fact that this is an incredible time of change. We came here for this change, to be a part of it, so let’s have a look at where we are and how it’s moving.

In When the Soul Starts Walking, I mentioned a time when I used weed daily. It enhanced my creativity and allowed me to enter more deeply into the music I was writing. I could see a benefit, and used it until I no longer enjoyed it. We know it’s a medicine with many, many medical benefits and some psychological benefits. Intentional use of plant medicines, such as weed or kratom, for relief of chronic physical pain, gets a thumb’s up from me – used when or if needed.

Weed can also be a means of avoiding the pain of our existence, as with alcohol, opiates and other drugs. I understand the desire to be relieved of pain. If I had alcohol or drugs sitting around, easily available, there are times when I might be tempted, so no judgment there either. But… it doesn’t work well to turn your back on things. Escape or denial can be tempting, but the consequences come calling. So on this journey we learn to face what arises and live the highs and lows with a clear head, only using drugs with conscious intention. Continue reading

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