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Thanks – Ida Continue reading

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Be A Light

If I am alone, then let my light shine in joy and admiration of the experience of Being. I would not trade my life believing another’s to be preferable and that is fortunate I know. Every confusion and every realization, every intention, every emotion that I have lived has been for my liberation and healing in some way. It’s good when we live long enough to see – life on earth really is something to be grateful for.

We ask life… what is real, what is true, where is love. We are answered continuously with lessons that take us to emotion. We could call the lessons ‘taking on polish’ because it is like that. Some are not so comfortable, more like cutting and polishing. Through the experience of feeling, observing and transforming emotion, we come to know ourselves; our unique light gets a little brighter, a little clearer. Continue reading

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Questioning the Armageddon Program

Does humanity have to play out the Armageddon program?
World ‘leaders’ are making use of that story
So – since this is reality – we’re really looking at Armageddon

We’re also looking at other possible timelines as well
We don’t HAVE to go to global destruction – mercy mercy me
How about if we create a higher outcome Continue reading

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In But Not Of?

So, what does it mean to be in this world but not of it? I don’t know for sure… in and not of. That kind of pre-supposes that the world is bad and we don’t want to be ‘of’ it. Something to think about – this being a world we don’t love being of.

I wonder what life on earth could be if we were to exit destruction and enter creation. Could it soon be so beautiful we would rejoice to be of it? Continue reading

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Where Is God?

The Mind Trip

We’re working our way through a massive mind trip: the minds that manage our incoming information have taken the concepts of love and tolerance and bent them to an extreme. We are asked to tolerate everything that human beings can come up with because we are loving, empathetic and ‘contemporary’ and evolving. ‘One world one love’ has been turned out.

It won’t work – because it’s a mind trip. Continue reading

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Note to Readers

Hi Everyone, If you have thought about self-publishing a book… but you need help with the editing, interior design and cover, I’ve edited and laid out quite a few books using Amazon’s CreateSpace program. This is a service I’ve decided to provide, and it might be a match for you. If you’re interested, email me at talk2momz@gmail.com and I’ll let you know the process and the costs involved. Here are the covers of the last three books I did: Continue reading

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The Age of Spin

“We live in the age of spin – you can’t automatically latch on to anything.” Jordan Sather

The young YouTuber I just quoted is an information consumer and alternative news commentator. He knows we are being fed from both sides and many angles and that the information is intended to move us in one or another direction. Mass psychology: moving people not by fact or reason but by skillful manipulation of emotion. Continue reading

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