What’s Happened to Mother?

“The trouble is, once you’ve seen it you can’t unsee it, and once you’ve seen it, keeping quiet, saying nothing becomes as political an act as speaking out. Either way, you’re accountable. Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing.” ~ Arundhati Roy

A few days ago I read a headline that said, “Woman sets husband on fire for raping her seven-year-old daughter.” That puts an image in my mind that I can’t unsee. My first thought… do we have to go this crazy? Continue reading

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Déjà vu – Solace Needed

The Dogs of War are at it again. In their craving for power they want Syria, North Korea, Russia, China. They want control of the world, and they are indeed a hungry pack. So how does this looming annihilation affect our children and grandchildren? Are they emotionally and spiritually suffering?

We grandparents had our own experience with war. During the Cuban Missile Crisis I felt the fear that we could all die. I was 16. The next year JFK was assassinated. None of us put two and two together. We believed the official stories, we obeyed the authorities, and if there was dissent we didn’t hear about it. Continue reading

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Entering a Sober New Age

Here’s a teaching I’ve heard posited by some in the new age family: The problems, issues, and relationship challenges in life are direct reflections of me. Or in other words: the drama on the outside reflects some ‘I caused it’ drama on the inside of me. I’ve beaten myself up enough over the years asking… “Why did I create that!?” I didn’t. We do co-create, but it is through our response to what is before us.

Here’s another new age teaching that rings true to me: The problems and issues in life are part of the collective consciousness that we are born into, to be a part of, to respond to, and evolve within: it’s the ‘story’ that serves as the framework for our evolutionary journey. In other words, free will within the ‘ever beginning’ story. Continue reading

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From Judgment to Discernment

Would you rather hear me say, “I’m being guided to tell you,” or would you prefer that I just tell you?

I’ve been listening to messages that are presented as being from archangels or beings or fields or energies speaking through people. Previously I would have moved on, thinking… com’on – maybe it’s you talking? Then one day I realized that people in my spiritual family are offering their experience, and I’d like to know them better and understand their experience. Continue reading

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Pilgrims of a Newer World

We have a strong desire to go home… whatever home is. Let’s call it a longing for wholeness. An ever-increasing community of souls, of which we are a part, is intentionally gaining awareness of what may have been hidden. Our return signals a new way of being that is authentic – compassionate, passionate and truthful. There will come a day when all people will see the light of Divinity within themselves, and they will be what they see, and love what they are – endlessly.

Heart communication. It’s an uncovering that approaches like the sunrise… ever increasing. To open up and let ourselves be loved is part of this conversation – to love and be loved. Just the thought of actually being loved could bring tears to our eyes, and behind those tears a flood of loneliness and grief… for separation comes with the visceral experience of judgment. Continue reading

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The Resurrection of Mother

We’ll begin with this statement: Mother is the creator of civilization. She says no to this and yes to that for the sake of life. She creates wellbeing, beauty and a civilized culture. This is her realm. Hers is the vital voice of the heart.

This voice, the heart’s intelligence, has been underfoot for thousands of years, and now it rises, individually, collectively, and eventually in every human being, male and female.

With that said, let’s go. Continue reading

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In a Time of Balancing

“Had we not doubted love we would be in heaven right now.” Ishwar Puri

Abandonment… it happened to me. On the line was trust in my own feelings: the heart’s knowing. My heart took a hit, and now… ?

What to do about the pain? Well, some might react or retaliate, but I don’t feel any anger. Some might make an effort to dissect the situation, explain it away or psychoanalyze everybody. I used that route for years. It can soothe the ego but it can also lead to seeing oneself as ‘wrong’, a fool, or not good enough. Continue reading

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