Point to the Exit… Please!

”If there’s anything I can say to help you find your way, touch your soul, make it whole… the same for you and I.  There’s not a minute that goes by when I don’t believe that you die, but I can feel it in the wind… it’s the beginning or the end.” ~ Outkast

I wanted to get into a conversation about the young men who have been in and out of our home over the past ten years. But when I got a few paragraphs written, it seemed my spirit was starting to falter. Good Lord! How can I express this?

The matrix has my young friends locked in sooo good. It doesn’t matter whether they behave well or badly, or whether they get more schooling, or work a job – they’re food for the system in one way or another. It’s a dimension of hell. There is a possibility of an exit for them, and while it’s not hard to visualize, the path between where they are and out the exit door is crazy difficult.

The friends of my youngest son called me Momz, and my attitude was, “You’re home here.” They came for a number of reasons – from seeing how to fill out a form, to getting a reference letter, to learning how to get financial aid for college, to finding an adult to go to court with them, to enjoying a bit of attention, to needing someplace to stay for a few days or months or more.

Today, as life would have it, one of them called. I had been thinking about the ability of music to transform the spirit, so I asked him what kind of impact music has on the minds of young people. “A lot,” he said. “But it’s not a good impact right now.” So I asked him to name the last artists that gave him some good information. He named Tupac (who was killed in 1996) and Outkast (whose last album was released in 2006.) “I loved Outkast,” he said, “…especially the song ‘Liberation’.”

While some of these young men may be starved for respect and acceptance, they are not lacking information. Many of them are aware of the system of control. They have discussions about false flags, government assassinations, Wall Street and bank criminality, drug money laundering, CIA drug trafficking, chemtrails, fluoride, GMOs, UFOs, wars for oil, wars for African resources, radiation, gun confiscation, drones, FEMA camps, Zionism, media programming.

They have to be aware, really… be aware or you’re dead. They are targets of the control system in a much more direct way than you and I have ever been. Always looked upon with suspicion and presumed guilty of something or another, they are, indeed, America’s scary shadow. Such a weird relationship this country has with its slavery past. We’re willing to copy their fashion, listen to their music, copy their dance moves and adopt their slang while secretly or openly holding them in disdain.

Black and Hispanic youth are targeted by the police, and the same holds true to a lesser degree for white youth who identify with black culture. Fodder for the prison for profit system, more valuable inside the walls than outside, they are today’s reminder of yesterday. We Americans don’t seem to know how screwed up our appearance is, but the rest of the world does. When other countries look at the US, we’re a horror story – we make up 5% of the world’s population and we incarcerate 25% of the world’s prisoners.

I could go on and on about policing, racism and profiling but I won’t. Suffice it to say, the drumbeat of revolution is in the DNA of black youth by now and we put it there. Here’s a quick word from Tupac: “Just think, if niggaz decide to retaliate… I wonder if heaven got a ghetto.”

I always go to the spiritual for answers as that’s what I am – spirit gaining information and evolving. The spiritual teachers I have gravitated to offer different words maybe, but the same process: Find out who you are. Ask why you are here. Diminish your ego. Open your heart. Love yourself first. Then extend that love outward. Work through your conditioning and programming. Escape the control system. Create your own destiny. Help others. (See Inspirations.)

Can such a process be applied to these young men? Of course it can. And there are black leaders teaching it. But it is hard to gain the ear of a young man who is trapped in survival mode and facing an open enemy every day.

Let’s return to the Outkast quote: “I can feel it in the wind… it’s the beginning or the end.”

What’s the end? Recently I spoke to another young man about his view on some ‘what ifs’. I asked him, “If, in the US, we see food shortages and austerity like we are seeing in Europe, and the people begin to revolt, how will the revolution look? Will it be race wars or a class war?” He wisely answered that the TV will sell race wars so we fight each other. “It depends on if we’re watching TV.” he said. “A lot of people could die. But we already know who the enemy is.”

What’s the beginning? I’m going to point toward an exit from the system that has been shown to me – I didn’t dream it up. It’s the only ‘beginning’ for them that I can see, truly, with things as locked up here as they are. It’s not system approved, as the matrix does not want to let go of usable energy on the physical level, nor does it want to release from its grip the incredibly powerful creative/spiritual force of Black Americans. That’s the secretly coveted food.

From Marcus Garvey to today’s Silis Muhammad, black leaders have been saying, “Exit America!” Some, like Randall Robinson, have already done it and have reached back to explain why.  The exodus message is getting more urgent now, but still it is dismissed as undesirable or implausible, and progress is pointed to… look… we have a black president. Unfortunately many are discovering that what they have is an image – a well-crafted deception meant to keep them in a state of hope.

If we accept that leaving America can be life-saving for those who shake off the mental shackles and do the work to make it happen, then how will young people hear there is a way out and ready themselves for life rather than death? Music – that’s where the attention is. Music has great influence, both bad and good. It can plant ideas in minds and start energy flowing. While leaders can give a message that thousands will hear, music can give the same message and many millions will hear.

Today’s conversation is like a love note in a bottle that I’m throwing out into the sea.  If by some miracle it reaches the ear of rap and hip-hop artists who know the effect their words can have in liberating minds, then good – my love for your spirit has reached you and you have picked it up. You have the platform, you know your power, you know that the label can’t always control what you say, and you have the fans. You can turn the tide and maybe a few will make it out before the sea boils.

Here’s a final word from Outkast: “Cause it’s a hard row to hoe if your ass don’t move, and the rain don’t fall, and the ground just dry. But the roots are strong, so some survive.”

~ Ida Lawrence

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