His Feminine Side and Her Masculine Side

Chances are we’ve heard more than one woman say that she really likes a man because he’s in touch with his feminine side. But I don’t think I’ve ever heard a man say he really likes a woman because she’s in touch with her masculine side.

Apparently we have some confusion going on here, and that’s not news. We are living in an amazing time: destruction coinciding with renewal. Both are happening. As the patriarchal system recedes, a new way begins. The destruction is seen by most, and the renewal is mostly unseen. Yet here it comes… from the heart’s desire for love, and the yearning of the spirit for liberation.

I know that we women are confused about what might be the essence of feminine energy and masculine energy. How do we proceed as women with strength and independence, and connect lovingly with a man? We need untainted guidance, and that isn’t available within the collapsing system. We have to seek it elsewhere, within the renewal.

Men must be troubled as well. As they open up to intimacy, empathy and feeling, what happens to their manhood? How do they proceed as men with vulnerability? How do they hold their own when a dominating woman is on the attack or when another man strides in the door and makes demands?

We are coming from a state of extreme imbalance, and in the process of re-balancing, we experience many things. Men are taking hits left and right, and it has to be painful for them. Women are dissatisfied, neglected, and still living within the effects of our ‘liberation’ movement.

As women reach for power, their attempts to dominate are castrating to men. One might expect that would be the case. Women’s liberation started out on the negative side of what we believed to be a model for success. We achieved our progress by doing things ‘like a man’… and seeking control. Living for decades within a script that belongs to the matrix, and not to us, we continue today to be troubled.

So, let’s move into a more positive state. A few days ago I listened to a guided meditation on the unification of the inner male and female polarities. The meditation is energy work, and I find it to be very effective in that information gained in a meditative state tends to be fairly accurate, and it sticks with you, unfolding over time.

The human spirit yearns for true liberation, and that yearning leads us to guidance. There are some wonderful teachers helping us along, and if we listen for them we’ll hear that ‘ding ding’… Aha!

Today, within the renewal, we are offered the possibility of not only identifying our feminine energy, but being able to bring it into balance with true masculine energy. Having finally reached a place where we can ‘own’ what is within us, we don’t want to neglect this.

Now let’s get to the meditation, which was created by Jona Bryndis and Jeff Casper. After we have calmed our minds, the facilitators ask us to feel our body’s energy and determine in which hand belongs the feminine, and in which hand belongs the masculine. This is where the ego has to drop away.

My ego’s opinion was that the feminine energy was stronger, and therefore would belong in the right hand. I found out that was not so and went with it. The facilitators offer no imagery of what the energy might look like and I believe that’s intentional. When going into meditation, images can come in, either through imagination or they can be observed through inner vision.

What I saw in my left hand, within the inner vision, was what seemed like a soft sphere with a dark outer layer. Within the sphere I saw a feminine figure and a light. It felt like there was life within the sphere. In the right hand I saw a masculine figure emitting light. He was standing alone, and I felt his lone existence.

Directly in front I saw a large snake, in the dark. This image was immediately followed by three dolphins leaping out of the water and back in. The guided meditation continued on with the instruction to bring the hands together in unity.

What kind of a feeling do you get from what I’ve just told you? That’s one of the things we can do after a meditation… work with how it feels or how it may affect us if we accept it and apply it. We can also ask the facilitators for their perspective.

Let’s draw this to a close by beginning again. As the patriarchy departs, we can see the effect of cold hearted power lust, and we see extreme damage done to the earth. It’s a hell of a situation. The renewal brings the warm heart back to us, and we know the earth will bring herself back as well.

During the meditation I did confirm that masculine and feminine energy polarities exist internally. Whether your image of these polarities agrees with mine or not, it doesn’t matter. We can work with unifying what exists within us, and we need it!

Of course we love a man who is in touch with his feminine side for he is powerful in such a delicious way. Tender, generous, kind, chivalrous… he’s the real man we’ve been anticipating – definitely not somebody we’d want to castrate.

What about the woman’s masculine side, which previously we rejected? I know that true masculine energy is misunderstood because I misunderstood it myself! To answer, I can only say what I observe, and see if it fits. When we create, as I am doing with this writing, we take in information, sift it through our experience, and give it back out as a new form of information. I’m sure you’ve noticed that in this writing there’s a bit more of the spiritual and a little less of the intellectual, but that’s me.

We women know that bringing forth, nurturing and healing life is our specialty, but what about the creations of the mind? There is a deep happiness to it, and I feel complete when I do it. If that is an outcome of the masculine energy within, then… voila!

~ Ida Lawrence

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