Nads – Two of My Favorite Things

“Mom, you don’t have any nads.” “Well, it’s just a design issue.” “Women have to have nads too… you have to defend yourself.” “Yes, but I’m not into fighting – I like to communicate.” “You don’t have to fight, just correct people when they do something wrong.” “Does that mean correct you too?” “Well… yeah.” “Okay. I’m curious… why not correct yourself if you know you’re wrong?” “Mom… don’t turn this around…”

And that’s our conversation about nads (aka gonads). We had fun with it although I can’t say we came to a greater understanding. Time will tell.

Some people say it’s all about having the courage of our convictions. I don’t think so. Our convictions can be seriously off track. A conviction is nothing more than a firmly held opinion, and opinions are ego-based. Having the courage to speak or act on your firmly held opinion is not worth much. Reducing the number of opinions you have is a far more worthy activity.

So let’s talk about it. What is the spiritual meaning of having gonads, and who has them? It’s the person whose heart has come full circle: they do understand, and they have the inner power to act upon understanding. This kind of action often requires giving up something society has taught you to value. When you have an understanding heart and the power to act and accept the consequences, you have spiritual gonads.

All of my life I’ve been loving people who have this kind of ‘heart’. When they step outside of the expectations of their culture and of the control system and do the thing that their heart says do, they often have a fight on their hands and lots of ‘waiting for them to fail’ people standing around. I have a good memory of everyone who has touched me in the ‘having heart’ way. Could I mention just a few of them to you before we move on to the now?

Marlon Brando’s in-person and very public support of the American Indian Movement and the 1973 Wounded Knee battle which cost him money and popularity; Muhammad Ali’s change of name and religion and his refusal to be drafted into the Vietnam war resulting in the loss of his title and revenue; Princess Diana’s very public campaign for the removal of land mines which may, in part at least, have lead to her murder.

And then we could mention President Kennedy’s attempt to strip the Federal Reserve of its power, which may have led to his murder; Martin Luther King’s opposition to the Vietnam war and his campaign to end poverty which helped bring about his assassination; Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney’s hard core questioning of Donald Rumsfeld and support of the Palestinians which led to her Zionist supported defeat, Ken Saro-Wiwa, the Ogoni activist who was killed for his exposure of the degradation of Ogoni lands by the Shell Oil company in Nigeria.

We could go on and on mentioning national political, cultural and individual examples of persons with understanding hearts who act, not upon the information they consume, but upon their profound inner comprehension of what needs to be done. They wear the mantle – the energy signature – of an honorable leader.

I’ll bet every reader of this blog is experienced with leadership, in small and not so small ways. It seems to me that one of the most foundational elements of wearing that mantle is your efforts cannot be ego based.  An ego based step into leadership is one of the most karma-filled crap-producing ventures imaginable. If you allow the idea of your own importance to be sold to you, you’re buying a ticket to the wrong destination. I should know… I’ve done it and done the time paying the karmic price.

Every mistake is an evolutionary experience – thank you life. Action based on the heart’s understanding is service. While it may look like service to others, it really is service to your own inner divinity. You serve your connection to the divine – that’s it.

That service may mean sacrifice and loss sometimes, but not always, at least not nowadays. We have reached the apex and the change is upon us. Let’s expect things to begin to go well for us, with people coming into our lives that we treasure beyond words, insight to be found in self-knowledge and our inner work, joy in our connection to the divine, and trust emerging from the knowledge that our energy is eternal.

The system has built a hellish world… or maybe I should just say it like it is – a hell world. Who are the understanding hearts wearing the mantle of leadership in the parallel world we are creating? Well, they’re all over the place.

I’ve mentioned some of them before – the truth tellers, among whom we can find leaders who have paid a heavy price. We have the natural healers, the organic farmers, the people running the homeless shelters, the artists and writers, the neighbors who help when help is needed, the teachers who lead us toward a more evolved way of being.

We’re in the all-out spiritual war now. Can we go the distance? Well, we need the nads to do it. Trusting our energy to see us through, it’s onward and sideways… dodge the emotional waves as they come at you, and let’s evolve.

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