Thank You Soldier!

What do you do when you encounter a great teacher? You put their teaching into practice in your life. Stuart Wilde has been and will continue to be, through his work, a great teacher to me. He passed from life on May 1st, after having contributed to the betterment of millions of people.

His teachings are woven into my actions, into the way I write, the way I look at nature, my spiritual practices, the way I behave toward others, even into the way I eat.

What he gave us through his books, music, videos and seminars was incredible wisdom across a broad range of subjects plus lessons in metaphysics far beyond information written prior to his work. It was spiritual food for me, and I ate at the table often.

In one of his recent articles he said, “On my gravestone, I would like to have my name and the words ‘A Soldier’, because that properly and exactly, describes what I did in this lifetime–nothing less, nothing more.”

A few days ago during meditation, I saw a vision of a soldier putting his sword down… but he didn’t lay it down. He put it with force, point down, into the earth, and there was a sound, and energy went down into the earth and out in all directions.

It felt like the energy of that soldier was magnified many times over by him putting down his sword.

Stuart taught the things a knight would teach. He said to be kind, tender, generous, respectful, truthful, honest, and remember to dance and learn how to love, because there is much darkness, and darkness does not thrive in the light of love. He taught how to fight the darkness as well, including the darkness within.

What he went through, in order to give us what he did, is what all teachers who go beyond the boundaries must endure: sacrifice, suffering, many battles and many slings and arrows. He wielded the sword with humor and laughter and a high spirit… and humility.

I have met some great teachers in my life, and even when I could not possibly reach their level of service, their light kept pushing me to grow toward mine. How can we begin to express gratitude for a life that is such a gift but to keep his gift multiplying through our own lives.

Thank you Soldier! Life is sacred, sacred, holy, holy, here, now.

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