The Heart People: It’s How They Roll

When you encourage my true self, I learn what ‘love the love’ feels like: the ‘somebody has my back’ experience upgraded. Thank you for being a champion of my right to be me.

The true self is part of the divinity of all that is. It is consolidated when all aspects of conditioning, fear, insecurity, ego opinions and attachments are found within, looked at, accepted and drawn into oneness. Who is in charge now that all of the warring inner factions are one? The ego is not in charge anymore. I am.

When we know ourselves, and we are unified within, we can be one with others as well. No self-interest involved – you love the love.

If your focus is not on self-interest but on the love, there is success written in the cards, but it’s a different kind of success than we’re used to. It is success with no tangible physical reward. The great, intangible force of light increases – transformation – and that’s the reward. It’s something you cannot possess, but it is something you can be.

Transformation does have a cost and a benefit. The cost = the ego’s desire no longer relevant; the benefit = release from the grip of loneliness.

We are taught to believe that self-interest is how we get ahead. Will this love help me; will this benefit me somehow? Will it verify what I believe and make me more comfortable? Will it profit me – take some pressure off and make my life easier? Will it give me security and happiness? The system expects you to do what profits you even in love.

Soren Dreier has coined the phrase ‘The Heart People’ to describe folks who do ‘love the love’. They trust in the perfect outcome of the liberation that we all talk about so much but seldom experience.

Let’s look at an example: A woman meets a man and his spirit is so like unto her own that he could be her twin in male form. They recognize each other and the love is immediate – the potential is extraordinary. But the paths diverge. His heart asks her: will you support me in my path? Since they are so similar in spirit, her heart answers: you’re doing what I would do if I were you. So there is the scale – desire on one side and love the love on the other.

They choose love the love, and there you have it. But you have what? You have more love in the universe and it’s eternal.

Love does not die with the body… it’s energy. Don’t we know that eternity instinctively? I knew it years ago… just wasn’t able to live it. It took a lot of falling down and getting up. Good heavens this journey takes a lot of heart!

Here’s a dream: we are already living in the love dimension of energy… simultaneously with the here and now.

Another example: A young woman has lived her life in accord with the rules of the system and the expectations that are built in, but things haven’t turned out to be happiness and security as promised. She is sad and hurt… feels trapped and victimized… and she can’t help it… blameless children are hurting too. Her cry of ‘I just want to be me’ always brings up the insecurity… is ‘me’ good enough to be set free?

The answer: you are free. It is the right you are born with… assert that. Have heart.

With freedom comes responsibility and choice. Ultimately I see three choices in this matrix: ‘do what others tell you’, ‘do what thou wilt’ and ‘the spiritual warrior’s way’. I see the road ahead for a young woman like this… it’s like my own road: acquire knowledge, take on polish, and eventually see a true self emerge. It’s going to take a lot of honesty and sorting through conditioning and programming in order to reach her true self… but she’ll do it if she so chooses.

There is abundant hope for transformation in every ‘I just want to be me’ cry.

A final example: Here is a wealthy man in his seventh decade of life. His life has been lived in self-interest and now he thinks about his death. He talks about people who have died… this one was a good man, that one was a good man. You can tell he wants to be a good man but there is something blocking the way: he thinks an eternal destiny can be bought.

Not a good alignment to the heart, but you know what? Just because of the ‘good deed doing’ he has stepped into, he experiences empathy. Wow is that ever redeeming… no judgment and finger wagging displays coming out of him because he can see: this person is not an eff-up, this person is noble and loving when faced with adversity. I wonder if I could be the same.

Can he get to his true self and love the love before he leaves this plane? Who knows. I think he can. Why not him? That would be a lovely conclusion.

I can’t say I believe in the potential of everyone, but I can say I believe in the potential of the time we’re living in. The more love we make, the more light there is. For many of us this shift in consciousness brings our first experience with the actual energy of love.

So, when you meet another ‘I am me’, or an ‘I am me in the making’… encourage the courage. That’s what the heart people do. It’s how they roll.

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