Self and Eternity

This time period offers perhaps the greatest lessons one could ever hope to learn… the power of truth versus the power of illusion, or otherwise said, taking personal responsibility for knowing versus submitting to the control of a deceptive outside force.

Why do humans have to do this battle with deception? Perhaps it is a recurring and longstanding purification cycle in 3-D… to get beyond the ego’s denial… repeat, wash, rinse, repeat. Who knows how many times human beings have cycled through collapse and renewal. My guess is that this lesson has been taught many times, and perhaps each time we learn a little more and perfect ourselves a little more.

There is no ego’s denial in the subconscious mind. Everything you have ever experienced is there, and it is direct experience without filtering through the ego. It is you in the raw.

If anything survives our physical death it would be the information of our subconscious mind. Metaphysicians and many others agree that the subconscious mind is not and could not be contained in the brain. Therefore your subconscious mind – the energy of you – would not cease to exist when the activity of the brain ceases. So what that means is that you are creating your afterlife right now, and you have created it all of your life, in every moment.

Without the body, where would your information drift? Metaphysicians tell us there are numerous dimensions of energy so who knows? The one who would know the most would be you. The liberated energy of the real you would be attracted to home… i.e. feelings and sentiments that are the ‘same as’ your lifetime of feelings and sentiments.

So you can tell it’s real… responsibility for self is a very good idea. Nobody else is to blame for you. Face your own life. There is no other being, no spirit in the sky, who is going to save you from your own thoughts, your deeds, your fears, your weaknesses, your lies to yourself. No other being can take credit for the good you do either, or the love you give, or the wisdom you acquire, or the suffering you relieve. In the end it all comes down to you.

Would you rather not know? Of course not… you would rather know, and that is most likely why you are here, in this time period when all is revealed. Take a moment in gratitude to your higher self for this choice.

We all need to become genuine while we are here in the body, so that kindness, generosity and respect are not fake personas that we put on to look a certain way, but the real deal. Being a down-to-earth human extends into the home life, it extends into times when we’re under stress, when we’re the boss, when we’re the last in line, when we’re not feeling well… at all times.

Dear reader,

This is an exciting month for me, as I’m getting ready to publish a book… The Warrior’s Way to Heaven on Earth. It’s a true expression of my heart. I expect it to be ready around July 20th. The writing above is an excerpt from the book. So please look for an announcement to come.

Love to you,

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