The Warrior’s Way Is Here!

It’s ready to go! My new book, The Warrior’s Way to Heaven on Earth, is published and ready to be seen by the world. You can view it, read a few pages, and purchase it if you wish, through Amazon. I am offering it both in Paperback and as a Download. You don’t need the Kindle device, as you can download the Kindle software to your computer.

I have kept a few books available at home for those who would like a signed copy. Just contact me via if that’s what you would prefer.

The Warrior's Way

The Warrior’s Way to Heaven on Earth takes the reader on an evolutionary journey backward and forward in time. The author discusses personal shadow aspects arising from childhood experiences, cultural conditioning, the traumas of life and media programming. Emotions and injuries that are hidden within and unresolved can interfere with relationships and personal growth throughout life and block the way to unified self and recognition of the divine within. Techniques in identifying and countering these hidden aspects are offered. The author also travels back to the inheritance of collective shadow aspects from having been born into a particular culture, racial grouping or human family.

As the impediments to growth and inner development are recognized, the warrior’s journey continues onward to discuss the world as it is: intensifying conflicts and environmental destruction, the collapse of economies, and the system of control becoming ever more restrictive. Within this darkness, the author reminds us of the transformative energy that we are together creating, leading us to envision and work toward creating a new heaven on earth. Readers are reminded of prophesies and many different signs pointing toward this being the time period in which a great shift occurs.

The Warrior’s Way offers practical advice, real knowledge, inspiration and information as it points toward disengaging from a devolving, collapsing world, and engaging in a return to self: down-to-earth gentleness and grace aligned with the divine feminine energy. The light emerges from darkness with an ever increasing awareness of how we are truly one… no more us and them, just us, unified within, and with all that is.


In addition to my new book, I’ve compiled a paperback version of twenty two of the readers’ favorite blogs. Talk2Momz: Best Blogs Collection is offered at very close to cost, so it’s somewhat of a gift. If you wish, you can purchase both books for less than $20 US and save on shipping.

Talk2Momz The Best Blogs Collection

All spirituality is meant to relieve suffering – our own suffering and that of others. When I started the blog, it was a creative tool to go beyond my own suffering, and offer insights to the readers as to how to do the same. As with so many writers who filter experiences through a spiritual lens, what I talk about is… what I see, what I feel, how it works and what to look into if you’re taking the same journey.

I have never met a teacher who knows it all, but I have met a few who know much more than I. Applying true wisdom and true knowledge to one’s life is transformational, and spiritual work does relieve suffering. These articles offer inspiration, information, and an impetus to evolve through putting spiritual information into practice.


Ida Lawrence has been a writer for nearly 30 years. She has contributed to and edited two anthologies on racial justice and human rights, and has written extensively on a number of subjects that help to explore self and society. Her approach is to find and express the inner truth… the answer to ‘why’. Ida’s current focus is on her blog,, in which she offers articles on the inner journey, evolution and metaphysical concepts.

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