The Warrior’s Way: Reviews and Responses

I am very encouraged, heart-warmed and humbled by the following reviews and responses to The Warrior’s Way to Heaven on Earth. Thank you very much to the readers who took the time to pass along some love.

Comment from JH

This piece is a phenomenal read, and Ida Lawrence is one of the great teachers among us who found her authentic voice and generously gives of her wisdom. The text encapsulates the journey from ignorance to self-awareness, from listlessness to taking responsibility for oneself, and from dimensions of shame or fear to realms of courage and love. The Warrior’s Way carries the reader from a point of no reference to a place of confidence, strength, and belief in the inherent unity of the laws at work in nature.

Comment from Christina

I wanted to share how your writing is touching the hearts of others. On Friday my friend, Lori, in Tucson, received her copy of your book and after reading it she wrote back:

I took her book to Earnie’s today and he and Sharon and Sarah showed up this evening (all with tears in their eyes). They all read Ida’s book and LOVED HER. Earnie has been teaching these things for years, but with masculine energy (lots of resentment/less love), and he sees that this knowledge is best taught through the feminine. I was really proud of him.”

Earnie is a Cherokee chief holding the Red Fire near Darrio Canyon north of Tucson.

“….this Monday all the stars are in alignment that happened at the birth of Buddha and Jesus, according to some source?? Earnie is holding a special Ceremony on Monday night and the regulars will be there as well as Lucia’s group. Earnie wants me to read from Ida’s book (he will choose the passages, I’m guessing).

I’m still amazed at how much she covered in so few pages. And I love how balanced she is….moving from “Factual Left Brain” over to the “Loving/Understanding Right Brain”…validating her information with Science and Math instead of Programming and Ego.

And I’m so glad that Ida rose up out of Stuie’s Ashes. I know that he is proud of her also.”

Know that you are reaching the hearts of a great many people, Ida, especially the Souls that are in such need of comfort at this time.

Comment from Mary M

I received the books and devoured the Spiritual Warrior  right away. Your writing style, ‘cut to the chase’ succinctness (if that’s a word), and content are right up my alley. I do not often re-read books but this one is a must.

I found myself wishing that I had had it three years ago when my life did a 180.  Over the course of several hours, I came to know in my heart that most everything I had been told or taught was an illusion. I have been on a journey ever since for Truth whatever that may be. Interestingly enough in my work people are beginning to ask in-depth questions about our world. I refer to my response as ‘The Talk’ and the relief and validation from people about their perceptions and wonderings (heretical as they seem) is having an impact on their sense of futility and depression. Yet, I struggle for what to say, how much to say etc…..

My biggest challenge is the balance piece and your book does it beautifully and re frames things really well.  I would guess that if I was firmly anchored in my heart as you seem to be, it would be much easier. I would also guess that meditation is important to that end….. which is something that I have pursued and simultaneously avoided for many years…..Dr Doolittle’s lama comes to mind…..

With your book it will be much easier to suggest to the Seekers to read it instead of taking the convoluted and sometimes exceedingly harsh path I have bumped along for the past few years or having to struggle for the right words. Yours will work very well, thank you. I am so very grateful to have found you, your writings, and most of all the Light that you shine to all of us who search for it.

Comment from Daniel W

Ida Lawrence has written something here that is truly different. Normally, independent spiritual thinkers inspire us to wake up, perhaps open a 3rd eye and see the world around us. But Ida has the ability to cause us to pause and take a truly deep inner look at ourselves. The Warrior’s Way to Heaven on Earth opened glimpses into myself that were uncomfortable, it exposed bias and weaknesses that I wasn’t fully conscious of. This self exposure though is powerful and enables true Heaven on Earth. Great read, stirs the deep conscious. This book feels like it was written by a True Spiritual Warrior. Much to learn here, Can’t wait for more.


You can read a few pages and the book description at the link below!

The Warrior’s Way to Heaven on Earth

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