Blessed be the Profits

While the title of this post might be playful, it does relate to a sincere message regarding flows of energy that result in spiritual profit.

I’ve been writing articles and enjoying the task for a while now, and I’m so happy when I hear from you that you learned from an article, or that you were encouraged, or that it helped you. That’s a great feeling… and a profit to me as it warms my heart and allows me to enjoy beautiful heart connections with people I would have never otherwise met.

Talk2Momz is the means through which I give back what life has given me, and I don’t want to distract from that. Yet, while it serves my soul to do this, it doesn’t serve my bank account real well.

So this is just a small reminder that Talk2Momz does have a donate button, and if you feel rewarded by what you find here, and if it’s within your capacity, I’d love it if you’d give a donation. Truly… there couldn’t be a better time. You’d make my day.

Thank you for befriending and enjoying my blog. Love the love.

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