Alchemy Radio – Ida Lawrence & Soren Dreier – The Warrior’s Way To Heaven On Earth

Ida Lawrence is the first of two guests on this episode of Alchemy Radio. Ida has been a writer for nearly 30 years. She has contributed to and edited two anthologies on racial justice and human rights, and has written extensively on a number of subjects that help to explore self and society. Her approach is to find and express the inner truth… the answer to ‘why’. Ida’s current focus is on her blog,, in which she offers articles on the inner journey, evolution and metaphysical concepts.

Soren Dreier is a Danish philosophical researcher who authors and compiles the hugely popular website. Also well known for his extra-sensory abilities, Soren returns to Alchemy Radio to continue the theme of Ida’s conversation and examine the phenomenon he calls, ‘The Void’.

Listen at: Alchemy Radio


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