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Aloha Everyone… Aloha Stuart!

Unique: In a world where ‘alternative’ voices are strangely uniform, Stuart Wilde is… unique. And I say ‘is’, because, of course, he still Is. Within the vast written and recorded work he left behind, he can make you laugh while … Continue reading

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No Hiding Place

Every good person’s life has significance in the renewal, whatever arena they are born into or are motivated to move into. Good is often thought of as a character trait, and even something people can get vain about, but today … Continue reading

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Within the Range of Possibilities

When a small, but potent, percent of the population is ready to expand their range of possibilities and validate new information, putting aside the ego’s opinion in favor of exploration, then change for the many is possible. Change, when called … Continue reading

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Momz Goodies

A little gift from the music world once again… hope you’ll join me in enjoying a moment in the Now, just loving us humans.   _________________

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The Lonesome Road

I’ve never been one to have a wake-up ritual, but lately there seems to be one forming. When I come into awareness that I’m awake, gratitude comes in first. I’ve been saying a thank you prayer, to myself and All … Continue reading

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Like Rumi In His Field

I’ve been shining some light into the darkness lately, and these thoughts might seem like seriousness in a world plagued with too much of that. We need happiness and a bright vision of a world where every human is self-governing … Continue reading

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Targeting Breasts

I remember my grandmother’s breasts: Grandma Ida, sitting in the big chair by the window, holding my newborn, firstborn son. He was sleeping in her arms, and her arms were resting on breasts that seemed to reach even below her … Continue reading

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