Targeting Breasts

I remember my grandmother’s breasts: Grandma Ida, sitting in the big chair by the window, holding my newborn, firstborn son. He was sleeping in her arms, and her arms were resting on breasts that seemed to reach even below her waist. Grandma didn’t want me to come and take my sleeping son, and put him in a bassinet… she loved babies, holding babies. Who had the heart to go and take him away? Not me.

Grandma nursed nine children and kept them all alive in the early days of the 20th century. A Norwegian immigrant, she and her family had migrated to the U.S. Midwest: prairie country. They lived near the Missouri River with their first shelter being a home constructed of sod, dug out of a hillside. One cannot imagine how harsh it was, and difficult to keep nine children alive and growing, but they did it.

Looking at photos it’s obvious those big breasts were strapped down and tucked in. Far away into the future was the thought of putting them into a bra, protruding them into cone shapes, or uplifting them and displaying the cleavage as a ‘don’t touch’ invitation. Grandpa apparently enjoyed Grandma’s voluptuous softness at least nine times, and the babies got the full load of nurture and intimacy.

Fast forward 100 years to silicone implants, see-through clothing, breast titillation everywhere, and breast cancer. Somewhere along the way we heard complaints about the objectification of the woman’s body, and then the man’s body… but who really understood what that was all about. Most of us agreed to it, got into it, and worried that we weren’t ‘good enough’ in the boobs department. I doubt that Grandma would have been able to comprehend such a thought.

Now let’s pull back our lens and look at the earth – our feminine, rich, nurturing, life-giving mother. We’re all ashamed of what’s going on with her. Many of us say RAPE! She’s being raped and trashed – her forests leveled, her hills cut down, her crust penetrated. We see an unquenchable thirst to break open the earth and extract her treasures. And what does she do to cope with the exploitation and the toxic burden? She begins to quake, and her surface and oceans begin to die.

It has been shown that permaculture can bring the dying parts of the earth back to life and feed us all. It has been shown that the earth has her own restorative process with regard to forests and water and air… if allowed to accomplish it. It has been shown that certain of her plants can clean and heal her and us… and remember… we ARE of her. It has been shown that the elimination of poverty is key to humans naturally controlling population.

It has also been shown that we are inventive and creative with regard to recovery. So we are not lost from a future heaven on earth, as many of us are awakening to our condition. The feminine aspect of divinity is returning, and ‘She’ in all of us may lead us to the root of this insanity and give us inspiration to envision in a new direction.

In our current condition, which we are told is an ‘advanced’ civilization, the earth’s ability to nurture is being destroyed, and so is our human ability. One in eight women today have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and I’m one in the eight, so this search for the root is meaningful to me.

In my own case, I do believe that too much nurture, along with psychological stress and ‘running on empty’ for several years, invited cancer cells to get aggressive in the breast. We can’t go back and change circumstances, and to be quite honest, I did get something from it: that ‘something’ is a stronger connection to the divine, a decision to live, and a willingness to say and do what I will, i.e. if I don’t say what I feel now, and do what I can now, then will I ever?

We all know about the savage treatment for breast cancer that our medical culture approves of and is willing to finance… cutting out of the breast tissue, killing of cancerous and non-cancerous cells, replacement with silicone implants, and then hope and pray. It seems that as long as the shape of the breast is still there, whether our tissue is able to remember the babies or not, or our skin able to feel the touch of a lover or not… it’s okay. It’s so okay that even women without breast cancer are doing it, because a movie star did it.

Some women go for the alternative treatments, which men and women of conscience are bringing onto the scene through activism, studies, research and at great personal effort and cost. Nature is gaining ground, and I can see it even in the awareness of MDs who are entrenched in the cancer industry. Nature’s healing power will be shown to be superior eventually… but until all women, including those from the lowest economic bracket, can choose and fund an alternative to the well-funded system, it’s no win as yet.

We’ve covered a good deal of ground on the subject of breasts, but we haven’t talked about the denser, darker realms where the root of our disconnect must lie. These realms consume and control energy, manifesting in violence, rape, slavery, death and sexual abuse of even the most innocent. Can we discuss this without casting at least a sideways glance into the denser realms? I think we have to go there.

Deprive is the opposite of nurture. I believe that the densest realms are constructed of fear. Great is the fear of being deprived of life… and greater still, dying without knowing Self. It’s a cold, cold place, filled with those insane perversions into which the desire for more ‘physical/emotional sensation’ descends. It’s a grab for more heat… more energy. Human beings have tried to get past fear of death for millennia, and death as ‘sacrifice’ is evidence enough of that.

Breasts are our first promise of life. They are the message that yes, child, you will live, your body will live, and I have everything you need, right here, for you to live… just drink. That invitation to live is also the earth’s message and all of nature’s message: nature has everything you need, right here, for you live. Just receive it, share it and tend to its renewal.

Knowing Self: perhaps now is the time, for some of us at least, to experience fearless living – life in the knowledge that energy never ends, and ‘nurture never ends’.

There is a great change occurring in our consciousness… a gradual realization that as consciousness/energy/information, we are far more vast than we can explore… and yet a tiny fraction of the Source information. As a part of Source, and thus eternal, we enter a metaphysical spirituality.

Our physical bodies of course go through death, as is the pattern of the natural world. But the I that observes the I… it is the real, true Self. The observer is not the body or the brain or the emotions; it is the Higher Self experiencing the physical plane… experiencing all that the physical plane has to offer, including the dense realms.

What is the opposite of fear? Some might say courage, but I would say trust. As we grow in trust that we are both the doer and the observer, the joy of life is easier to access, as is the energy of love’s divinity… there always, for all. We can become fearless in that trust as we collectively encounter this time of great change… this global brush with death.

Is it okay if I close with a return to Grandma Ida? She was far from diplomatic in her opinions, and sweetness was not one of her attributes. Granddaughters did not walk in front of her wearing a miniskirt, at least not more than once, and neighbors were well advised to ‘straighten up’ if they planned to visit. But Grandpa seemed to like her a lot. He got a free pass, and so did every one of her nine children. They were utterly and completely loved, in their error and in their virtue: they could do no wrong in Grandma’s eyes.

What an unbreakable tie there is in nurture, and we are never without it… love IS it. Targeting breasts is targeting love, and that’s a losing venture. Love always has been and always will be – live with it!




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