Aloha Everyone… Aloha Stuart!

Unique: In a world where ‘alternative’ voices are strangely uniform, Stuart Wilde is… unique. And I say ‘is’, because, of course, he still Is. Within the vast written and recorded work he left behind, he can make you laugh while feeding you spiritual food that you absolutely can’t get elsewhere.

To me, a teacher so advanced in metaphysical experience, a writer who can capture an image so beautifully that it remains in the mind to be recalled at will, a character who takes ‘character’ to the max and tells us that seriousness is a disease… that person cannot really be memorialized in any worthy manner other than by the love living on.

Most of us have experienced a person or persons we love leaving the physical, and we’re wise to realize that inside of us will always be that love in a ‘feeling’ sense. As we process the loss, we learn to sort what is needed from what is not needed. I am my mother in her highest self, and she assists me in my evolution. I am my sister and I am my husband and they assist me. I am my father, and he assists me.

This is not just pretty language or sentimentality. I see it as a metaphysical reality. The light in every one of them belonged to the sacred and the holy… the God Force or Source, and that is what I call upon. My sister loves the family, my mother loves all children and the earth, my husband loves energy and freedom and my father loves God. They, among others now living physically or living in their energy or creations, are my helpers.

Stuart Wilde is a great light ever present in his work and in people who love him. I didn’t have to know him personally to know that he is in me now, in a feeling sense, assisting in my evolution.

So as I thought about this day, I looked for a word that I could speak and wave out to all of those who ‘feel’ him, and I found… Aloha. Most of us think that word means both goodbye and hello, but from what I read, it is a word not able to be defined. They say it must be experienced, and that we reach toward it with the realization… ‘God in us’. Aloha everyone… Aloha Stuart!


The Messiah’s New Brightness



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