Food for the Evolving Human

Published in May of 2014 and made available on, is the second in a series of essays from Talk2Momz, entitled “Food for the Evolving Human.”This book version of recent blog favorites was created for readers who would like to give it as a gift, or simply keep it on hand to refer to something they enjoyed without having to go online and search.

These writings delve into consciousness and the metaphysical, spirituality, wholeness through feminine and masculine balance, understanding conditioning, observation of the political realities and the envisioning of a renewed human and natural environment. The messages are of strength and comfort, inspiration, and encouragement to evolve. In this book the author holds fast to her belief that trying times can bring about an evolution in consciousness as human beings are thrust into reliance on the divinity within and the oneness of all.

food for the evolving human

In 2013 I compiled the first paperback version of twenty two of the earlier favorite essays. Talk2Momz: Best Blogs Collection is offered on as well.

All spirituality is meant to relieve suffering – our own suffering and that of others. When I started, it was a creative tool to go beyond my own suffering, and offer insights to the readers as to how to do the same. As with so many writers who filter experiences through a spiritual lens, what I talk about is… what I see, what I feel, how it works and what to look into if you’re taking the same journey.

I have never met a teacher who knows it all, but I have met a few who know much more than I. Applying wisdom and knowledge to one’s life is transformational, and spiritual work does relieve suffering. These articles offer inspiration, information, and an impetus to evolve through putting spiritual information into practice.

Talk2Momz The Best Blogs Collection


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