Divided We Stand, Together We Rise

The sins of Babylon have reached to heaven… it’s kind of a contest as to which country in the world is the worst, but the US wins the Babylon crown hands down. We live here, but we’re not the ones pulling the strings. We are the ones in a daze, waking up and wondering… how did this happen? We thought we were in the land of the free… land of opportunity! And here we are… enslaved!

I just heard somebody say, “The game is chess and we’re playing checkers.” I had to smile at that, because it’s an interesting picture of our situation. Divide and conquer has worked for oh so long that it seems to be what humans are meant to do: be separate, adversarial, frightened, poor in spirit, self-centered, and always right. The wrongs that ‘right’ people do to each other, just as a matter of course, just because they want to or can; it can make you heartsick if you let it.

Keep your head up and don’t let it make you heartsick. There’s more light here now, causing us to see more of what is… the light of Truth is for us, not against us. We’ve incarnated for this time when wrongs are to be made right, and that means revelations, revolutions, and a lot of courage needed. Truth clears the way.

It’s not just ‘they’ who have to face exposure… I’m here to face it too. Alas, I haven’t lived a perfect life, but the increasing light is doing me such good, offering opportunities to see when the ego was in charge and the heart was not; times when fear ruled, courage was lacking, and trust was gone. Truth lets me see what I was fed mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I can hear the lies I told myself, and change things: evolve and live, and get to know my True self.

“Grace grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.”

There is no judgment of good or bad in that statement, only realization of opportunity. And there is grace… always there to ease the way. Forgive it all every day – no fault, no blame. Life is a brief journey. Lived in service to the return of Light, it’s a privilege to be here.

Let’s talk about that divide and conquer strategy that works so well… sometimes I wonder when and where it all began. Was it 6,000 years ago? 50,000 years? Is it an age humans descended into in order to experience separation at its most extreme and evolve out of it? Is one love possible? Is it a matter of remembering ourselves as we were before?

If it’s true, what Deepak says, that we are the same being with different disguises, can we get to that intellectually, and then in a feeling way?

It makes sense to me that separation began with the male and the female and the ego’s divisive urge to have power over the ‘other’. Nature tempered that with the physical urge to unite and procreate, and the heart’s urge to balance with the other pole in the polarity.

Love each other and then love the love, realize that creation is in the interaction, have reverence for feminine and masculine divinity… that’s where my heart goes… to the union of male and female on a higher level. It’s an exit from the matrix.

Now let’s get to more manifestations of separation. I’m a woman and you’re a man, you’re black and I’m white, I’m from these people and you’re from those, our people have a history, yours have a different one, we learned to like different foods and clothing and celebrations, we each learned a different story about God. And when we were born we got the physical inheritance of our skin color and so on, a place on the earth that our ancestors have claimed as ours, and all those ancestral memories.

For thousands of years, within recorded history, people have subjugated each other based on separation, i.e. the ‘other’ is not me or mine. The people/race I chose to be born into found a reason to subjugate… I discovered that at a young age, growing up near three Native American ‘reservations’. The US was built with slavery and genocide in the framework. And now the pot boils over with racial tensions.

Can we see that the boil over is simply a telling of the truth, that the sickness never ceased… it now has deepened and expanded to include us? How appropriate that we would awaken and recognize that we, ourselves, are slaves, and fear our own genocide as the empire nears its end. Maybe we could take that as a ‘ding ding’, as we think about this current matrix, which is, basically, the framework that we used to believe in.

Part of me says, “I knew it would come down to a fiery end… have known it for 30 years.” Another part of me says, “With the right information at the right time, we can mitigate the worst of it and start on new framework… if we can’t take it all the way to one love, at least, maybe, we can take it to justice, unity and wisdom!”

Since we are all one thing – consciousness: a field of possibilities – let’s go for the highest ground.


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