Momz Goodies – Introducing Amraah

When you get into your sixth or seventh decade of life, things begin to look a little different. You see the slow-moving grey-haired folks and no longer are they some other species. And so the fiery ones among us decide, “That’s not my destiny. No to the weekly doctor visits, no to the nursing home, no to the slow ‘fade away’, I’m going to live some more.”

“Allow nothing or nobody to break your faith for any reason.” If that statement sounds like a Facebook meme, that’s because it is. There are lots of memes like this, meant to encourage us I guess. There are also a few people who don’t need a meme… they just do what they’re going to do. Period.

Amraah Carole White is one of those ‘I can’t believe she did that’ people.

Now she’s on a big big adventure. We all have a right to make life the way we make it, especially when we’ve been here for 75 years like she has, and we’re still rolling! I’m introducing you to her so you can follow along, if you’d like. I’m following, and kind of holding my breath every time I log on to her blog.

I first met Amraah at a Stuart Wilde seminar in Las Vegas, about ten years ago. She gave me her business card and we spoke for a few minutes in the ladies room. I thought she was quite lovely; statuesque with grey hair. She walked with a slight limp. We didn’t hang out during the seminar, but we emailed afterward, and talked at length when we met again at Stuart’s seminar two years later.

Amraah was houseless but not homeless… and had been that way for 15 years. She lived in a big, dark red van that she called ‘the bear’. I got a ride in the bear, sitting in the back next to neat piles of stuff and a makeshift bed. This way of life was completely astounding to me, no way that I could do it, and yet, fringe dwellers are fringe dwellers, and people do things to manifest their freedom in whichever way that suits them.

After that, Amraah and I stayed in touch by phone, and she helped me and comforted me through very challenging times… I’ll always thank her for that. When I went through my own phase of ‘recluse’ we didn’t speak as often by phone, but I followed her plans via email.

One day when she announced… “I’m going to drive the bear to Ecuador and live the rest of my life there,” I figured it was a dream, and I could totally understand why she would dream it. But to actually do it seemed Extreme! I secretly hoped she’d find a little closer place… freedom is wonderful and all that, but did it have to be dependent on such a long, strenuous, dangerous journey?

When a friend of mine asked, “Why don’t you talk her out of it?” I explained that such a thing is impossible. She will do as she wishes, and damn anybody who discourages her. Besides… who knows? She’s done a lot of things I would never attempt.

Amraah left California in December and is now somewhere in Mexico. She documents her travels in the blog That’s where I go every few days to check up on her.

So, I’m inviting you to go ahead and check up on her too. I’m sure you’ll be interested and inspired enough to save that address to your favorites. Go Amraah, and blessings go with you!


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