Momz Goodies – Creating a Circuit

People live interesting lives and they do cool things, for themselves, for others, and for the world. I really appreciate the interesting people I’ve met through this blog, and today I want to thank one of them for what he’s sharing, and for including me in his heart.

Toward the beginning of January I received an email from Mr. Welles B Goodrich telling me that I’d been nominated for the Nobull Peace Prize. Now you have to smile at that immediately, and when I investigated what he was doing through the Theoretics Institute, I really felt honored and grateful.

You’ll enjoy his introductory paragraph: “A great difficulty of living with, by and for Love is that it isn’t rational. That means faith is essential. Faith needs to be built on a foundation of experience or fear will try to convince you that it is a delusion. For Love to work here on earth there needs to be a circuit among human beings. The potential to do that exists among us. It requires leaving our fears behind.”

Here’s the January award page: To recognize those who are creating a world of Love.

There are lots of other award recipients too, so it is the beginning of something very enjoyable. Thanks Mr. Goodrich for doing what you’re doing. And thank you to you… the readers… for you too are creating a circuit among humans and a world of love as well.

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