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Momz ‘LIKES’: Truth or Consequence

A few weeks ago I began to post articles from writers whose work or whose messages I really appreciate. Today’s offering is Karma: Truth or Consequence from Jona Bryndis. Since karma is something we’re all experiencing, and yet, from what … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day – Earth Day – Why Not Every Day

We’re approaching Mother’s Day – another commercial holiday in the U.S. about which we can have mixed feelings. The marketing encourages everyone to give attention to their mom, and talk to her, spend money on her, or if she has … Continue reading

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A Need and An Ecstasy

There’s so much I don’t know, so much it would seemingly benefit me to know, and SO much knowledge available to us right now. Recently a friend showed me some of the spiritual/metaphysical videos he had been watching, and he … Continue reading

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Momz ‘LIKES’: Blue and Dandy

I’ve created a new category of posts for the much appreciated followers of Talk2Momz. I think we’ve all been through kind of a foggy time during the past couple of months. People say there’s been an energetic shift, and that … Continue reading

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Leave Your Light On

Lots of people say it, and it can’t be denied… this would be a wonderful, balanced natural world if humans weren’t a part of it. Knowing how accepted this sentiment is, I feel for us. We’re not meant to be … Continue reading

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