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A few weeks ago I began to post articles from writers whose work or whose messages I really appreciate. Today’s offering is Karma: Truth or Consequence from Jona Bryndis. Since karma is something we’re all experiencing, and yet, from what I hear, impossible to fully understand, any teacher who breaks it down a bit is much appreciated. There’s a link at the bottom to the rest of the article, and to her blog, which is full of good information.

Karma: Truth or Consequence

by Jona Bryndis

In my view Karmic aspects are the most commonly overlooked aspects in self-healing and recovery from disease, addiction, trauma or crises. If Karma can be seen as any energetic imbalance that seeks to balance itself out, then it can become more clear that the purpose of Karma is to facilitate and support the healing of any unhealed part in our energy field, regardless of its origin. There is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ Karma – Karma is nothing but the energetic consequence of our inner thoughts and outer actions. In other words, if we begin to understand our circumstances as an integral part of our healing and recovery process, forgiveness, compassion and grieving feel more true to us than blaming, victimizing and wanting revenge.

This doesn’t mean that we have to passively swallow wrongdoings or accept everything as ‘karma’. This would be far off from what this inner knowing wants to provide for us. It can enable us to see the big picture – to move from the experiencer into the observer position and strengthens the connection with our inner Divine Consciousness. Karma work is a major step out of the hamster-wheel of repeating negative experiences and the ticket to re-instating our soul’s integrity.

Working with Karmic Aspects

Working with karmic aspects does not mean that we are looking for ‘reasons’ to justify or excuse any of these imbalances manifested in form of hardship or the notion of being ‘doomed’. On the contrary! Trying to understand karma involves soul searching on a feeling level. We all have experienced unexplainable attractions and tendencies at some point in our life (or over and over again). These cannot be explained or processed in the classical dualistic sense of cause-and-effect. While it can be helpful for our ego-mind to understand some of our karmic propensities, they can only be integrated through accessing the higher vibratory states of our consciousness.

Karmic aspects and their energetic charges can be cleared energetically through intention and reclaiming, but their energetic propensity will remain with us until a full reparation/reconciliation has occurred on all consciousness levels. Reconciliation does not require a complicated energy work technique. The main resonances for healing karmic aspects are the inner alignment to acceptance, forgiveness, humbleness, self-love and the willingness to let go. All these resonances can be found in the alignment to our Sacred-Heart within, which is why the most effective integration often seems to happen spontaneously or even miraculously. Once we are familiar and comfortable with the healing power of our inner Divine nature, karmic aspects begin to dissipate by themselves!

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