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Momz Goodies – Interview With Martial Arts Master

I want to share with you my recent interview with Sifu Florin Szondi. You’ll see that we don’t just talk about the martial arts… the Sifu very much enjoys talking about the art of Being, life, spiritual matters, Taiji (Yin/Yang), … Continue reading

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Momz Goodies – How is Amraah?

Poverty with Dignity – the people who walk this tightrope are not automatically richer in spirit, or soul, like the movies pretend they are. Perhaps more than most, they are beset with the question, “Is there value in me.” But … Continue reading

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I Tremble For My Country

Truth is a force that rises from the depths, descends from above, and slides in from the sides. It’s a force capable of shaking the ground we stand on… capable of changing everything. It actually is the ‘I AM’ force. … Continue reading

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Got Any Labels On You?

Today I’d like to talk about what we’re talking about. Terminology: doctors have their own that only they understand, lawyers have theirs, schoolbooks compete for the ‘most boring’ crown, and psychologists have some nice big words to make simple things … Continue reading

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