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Mistaken Soulfulness

What could a person possibly gain from insecurity? What could be the reward of feeling undeserving? Why would we harbor low self-esteem? Why do we think against ourselves? These states are not natural to our essence or inner being, so … Continue reading

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Momz Goodies: Interview With Chautauqua Hunter

Chautauqua Hunter is popular writer of stories, adventure tales, and articles on spirituality and the expansion of our consciousness. After reading a recent article of his entitled “5-D is Looking Better Every Day,” I realized that I’d like to interview … Continue reading

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Momz ‘LIKES’: Voluntary Vulnerability…

I hope you’ll enjoy an article that I enjoyed reading, written by Jona Bryndis, on the subject of being open to love. Being open and vulnerable can be quite a challenge if we have experienced emotional pain in loving and … Continue reading

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The Fringe-Dweller Type

If you turn and face that darkness you not only heal yourself, but you pull the string on a thousand years of programming. Stuart Wilde In order to know a thing, and transform it or transform ourselves through it, we … Continue reading

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