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I hope you’ll enjoy an article that I enjoyed reading, written by Jona Bryndis, on the subject of being open to love. Being open and vulnerable can be quite a challenge if we have experienced emotional pain in loving and losing, or we feel we have caused pain by loving and leaving. Jona goes into love and pain, and the ego motivation to control. Be sure to follow the link at the bottom to read the rest of the article. The full title is: Voluntary Vulnerability: The Art of Loving with an Open Heart.


So, what good does it do us to understand the concept of love with our minds but never bringing it into expression through our open heart? You may think now, that this is easier said than done, especially if you have a track-record of painful relationship experiences. What is it really that is needed to love with an open heart?

Most humans either use love to control pain, or create pain to control love. Isn’t this a lovely ego-oxymoron? (…just gotta love our ego for that!)

Of course, neither love nor pain can be controlled! All we can do is to open ourselves up for the experience and allow things to evolve. And as we all know, consciousness can only evolve through experiencing, therefore both are needed to love with an open heart. Together they provide the most advanced spiritual tool for transcending the limitations on our physical life’s journey and living life to the fullest. What would life be without pain and love?

Pain is an important tool for human learning and love is the energetic pathway to enlightenment. Love can only be experienced if allowed – the voluntary act of opening ourselves up. We don’t need permission and we don’t need an object of love, either. Love is the stuff we’re made of and therefore our most natural state of being!

If love is expressed free of the ego motivation to control, it can develop into the transcendental state of detachment and voluntary vulnerability – the inner agreement to allow and express true feelings transcending the fear of pain and letting go of the outcome. If you are interested in the higher vibratory aspects of love and evolving your consciousness, the voluntary vulnerability of your open heart is our key!

Energetically seen, most of us spend the majority of our energy/power dealing with the pain-aspect of Love, seldom reflecting yet often defending. We feel victimized and close our hearts out of fear to get hurt again. What we don’t realize is that the damage is not the pain itself but our fear-based reaction to it. Closing our hearts is one of the single most damaging energetic blocks and main causes for our inability to become who we truly are. It cuts us off from our source of energy and increases our affinity to lower vibratory energetic states. Basically, closing our heart is the cause for all stagnation, misery and powerlessness!

The biggest limitation we are putting upon ourselves is favoring our conditioned ego control and it’s rigid attachment to the need for attacking and defending over staying open. What makes us strong is not the control we have over a person or situation but our ability to know when it’s needed to stand our ground and fight or better to be soft and allowing. True inner power is in the balance of our inner masculine working synergistically with our inner feminine energies to overcome our innate dualistic conflict between our ego-mind and heart.

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