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Momz Goodies: Talking Crop Circles With Chautauqua

I hope you enjoy this interview with Chautauqua Hunter as much as I did. He talks about his observations over the years, the evidence that many of these are not human-made, some of the changes in the 2015 circles, and … Continue reading

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The Systematic Distortion of Color

When I set out to write on race, not as an advocate of something but as a communication, there is an inherent challenge: what can stretch across these extreme divisions? We already know the heart is the key, and we … Continue reading

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Momz Goodies: World Without End

In the triple darkness of our inner Feminine is a holy, silent center, where the heartbeat of new life is first heard. This life giver, nurturer, comforter and restorer lives in all of us, and it is She who takes … Continue reading

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