New Book: The Thought of Love’s Victory

Since I established this website nearly three years ago my writing has changed so much, and my world has expanded with many new friendships, among them some wonderful teachers and healers. I love them, and I love you… the readers: all who have participated in the unfolding of these months and years. That’s our life journey… we get out there and explore and at the same time we go in and explore, and it’s precious, precious life.

I imagine you’ve noticed that Talk2momz isn’t really a blog, as the articles I write don’t come about in a few minutes or an hour or two. They take time, and sometimes a great deal of honest reflection. For that reason, because of what goes in, I’ve been putting collections of the articles into book form. Some day the blog won’t be here, but hopefully the writings will be in good hands. Maybe they’ll help somebody, as I have been so greatly helped, and that’s all that this is about.

The fourth collection of essays is available on Amazon now, entitled, The Thought of Love’s Victory. As usual, the writings delve into consciousness and the metaphysical, spirituality, wholeness through feminine and masculine balance, undoing conditioning, observation of the political realities, cultural programming, racism and right-doing, and making our intentions for a better world real through heart-centered awareness, choices and actions.

Thanks for being here. I truly appreciate you.



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