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I hope you’ll enjoy another article by Jona Bryndis, this one on facing fears and resistances as we expand our consciousness. I really appreciate Jona’s observations on trends that attempt to interfere with our collective evolution, her practical advice on facing fears, and some very helpful guidance with regard to mind chatter and meditation. You’ll find the meditation guidance in the session report linked at the bottom of this post. The full title of the article is: Getting on the Other Side of Our Mind’s Fear of Our Evolving Consciousness.

Getting on the Other Side of Our Mind’s Fear of our Evolving Consciousness

Leaving the limitations of our mind and entering the vast microcosm of our inner world of evolving consciousness can be a frightful thought. Is there something hidden I am not aware of? What if I can’t control it? What if I discover a deep inner darkness? What if I can’t connect at all? What if I get rejected? What if I am not worthy? What if …

Granted, not everyone is interested in evolving his/her consciousness, but to a degree we are all curious about the mechanics of consciousness and especially the occasional energetic perceptions we experience in our daily life. One does not have to be a devoted spiritual seeker to be interested to go beyond the mind.

A funny thing I observed lately is the trendy use of the word ‘mindfulness’. So many new organizations and businesses promote their services with mindfulness… as if we don’t already have a mind full of ego stuff! They even encourage the ‘Power of the Mind’ for self-healing and manifesting! Isn’t this an interesting twist to get our ego-mind to buy into the preservation of its control?

Those of you who can feel this meme in this attempt to divert the arising desire to go beyond their ego’s perception understand that this is actually showing how the controller-matrix is trying to prevent the collective evolution of human consciousness. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to encourage conspiracy theories, but these and other coveted developments in the spiritual/new age business can be quite misleading, as they can trick our ego into believing we are doing spiritual work, while we are guided back to the dependency on our insatiable ego-drive for power and specialness.

Without an awakened inner divine connection and a discipline of fostering inner discernment through the heart, it can be quite difficult to see the difference. In this following Field Report I would like to share the practical aspects of facing fears and resistances while actively working on connecting with our True Self and how non-religious and practical spiritual work can look like.

Article Continued Here – Session Report


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