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Hi Everyone – this is just a brief note for you, the much appreciated followers of Talk2Momz. First of all, Thank You! I always think of you when I’m writing, and I hope that comes through.

You’ve probably noticed the Services page where I advertise my services as a proofreader, editor, copy editor and copywriter. I’d love to undertake more work in this area, so if you have something you’d like me to look at, or you have a friend or acquaintance who needs some editing help, please let them know I’m available.

I’ve done a great deal of web copy in the past, and also quite a bit of proofreading and editing. As an editor, I have a light hand… leaving the writer’s personality and message intact and only touching up what needs to be touched.

Here’s a recommendation from an author whose book I recently edited. He is a very good writer, so it was enjoyable to read as well as to work on:

Though my manuscript was rather lengthy Ida graciously accepted to edit my first draft. How fortunate for the project for she proved to be an extremely competent editor who did a fantastic job of cleaning up my prose. She was on time and budget.  I was impressed with what a thorough job she did and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is looking for a professional editor or proof-reader well versed in the craft.  The fact that she was familiar with spirituality, the theme of my book, was an added inducement to employ her. Thanks so much Ida for all your hard work!

DJ, Author of A Fleeting Improvised Man Awakens

My email is talk2momz@gmail.com





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