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The Fall Inside

Sometimes, even though I might have read or even written an article months or years ago, reading it again it comes in fresh and new because I have grown. One of my favorite articles, published some time ago, is an … Continue reading

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Momz ‘LIKES’: The Sacred Rebirth

This end-of-the-year time can be lovely and peaceful, and at the same time it can be a challenge to contemplate 2016.  We feel not only what is ours, but what the world is going through. In this article, Jona Bryndis … Continue reading

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Momz Goodies: Mothers, Births and Babies

Hi Everyone, To all who signed on to follow my postings on Talk2Momz, and to all anywhere and everywhere, I’m wishing you a peaceful, beautiful, starlit solstice and end of the year, beginning of the new. Mother, Birth and Baby … Continue reading

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Momz Goodies: Touching Music, Resonant Voice

As we’re getting so close to Solstice, starting to go inside and prepare, here’s a little something to help slow down the speed of our lives and bring us to contemplation. The images are beautiful, and of course the voice … Continue reading

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