Momz Goodies: Mothers, Births and Babies

Hi Everyone,

To all who signed on to follow my postings on Talk2Momz, and to all anywhere and everywhere, I’m wishing you a peaceful, beautiful, starlit solstice and end of the year, beginning of the new. Mother, Birth and Baby – that’s where I’m going, into that Love. I’m grateful to all of you – very much so – to be able to communicate with you. Here’s some music for whatever space you’re in. Love – Momz


These are all so perfect to me – I hope you enjoy.

Apparently this is Barbara Bonney and not Maria Callis – but lovely whomever.

Thank you to Soren Dreier for this one – brings me to tears.

Who but Tom Waits could bring us to a hooker and her baby – so touchingly.

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