Along Came a Gardener

On this journey, life gives us scenarios that ask us to ‘live up’ to ourselves. When we decide to live up we change, and we go back and clean up our mess. For example, if you realize you harmed your children emotionally, if you failed to protect them, tell them that you have realized how you harmed them and invite them to talk about the pain it caused. Feel the pain it caused. It is an open heart that creates a space for forgiveness… if not now, some day. Stay there until it’s time to go. And then be on call to help them. There is redemption in this.

By the way, seeing as how we are evolving, we’ll go through hurtful experiences; we’ll cause hurt and we’ll be hurt. The good thing is… we have survived it and we can go back and repair what needs to be repaired. We can be truthful. We’re still in the body… still here. We can return to experiences and infuse a different energy.

Having said that, while it is the buzz, let’s step into the “Zen Gardner” turmoil. Zen confessed to having ‘bought in’ to a belief system that turned very sick; he followed a leader who led people into a hell world. He didn’t leave for three decades. That world was Very entrapping and degrading and he had a leadership role. Terrible things were done to children by the demented founder of the cult and by believers. Zen eventually got out.

The current question is for him to answer: when you revealed your past, did you come clean with the readers of your website? We know the confession was not a voluntary offering, and some of your readers believe it is. You have an opportunity now to ‘own up’ to all that happened and be an example of a different energy – Truth. The truth is redemptive and liberating. It is the only foundation we have. I encourage you to be completely honest with yourself and your readers.

When a ‘persona’ gets broken apart, that’s life helping the individual to evolve by removing the false front. Painful… yes. But we have to become real. We might even end up being grateful for all those who helped us break it apart.

Envision a world where child abuse would not even be ‘thinkable’. There would not be a word for it, as no one could form a thought to harm a child. Has such a world ever existed? Of course, that and far more. We have been descending for the past 6,000 years, and it’s bottoming out. We are right inside of the culmination, so the battle is on.

We have seen, and some have experienced, a hideous indulgence of power fed by the base appetites. I’ve been reasoning that self hate must be at the core of the destruction of innocent children. But then again, it could be the survival instinct gone amok, or both. In any case, there is a turnaround going on. This world is done. We have to evolve to live.

To say it is to pray it: May every human being come to love every other human being as if it is God standing there before them. There is no separate God. We are the expression of the God Force, here to bring truth and love into our daily lives, and That is the forefront of the turnaround. We can’t avoid it or fake it, so we might as well surrender to it and humble up, with gratitude for the ‘correcting’ experiences.

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