The Resurrection of Mother

We’ll begin with this statement: Mother is the creator of civilization. She says no to this and yes to that for the sake of life. She creates wellbeing, beauty and a civilized culture. This is her realm. Hers is the vital voice of the heart.

This voice, the heart’s intelligence, has been underfoot for thousands of years, and now it rises, individually, collectively, and eventually in every human being, male and female.

With that said, let’s go.

Like millions of others, I browse the Internet. And as I sit down to look, it works a lot better and disturbs a lot less when I remind myself that I Am the light, a soul in physical form, being inside of the most incredible experience. What’s out there… it’s a story. And at the same time it’s 100% real. And, this reminder helps too: every single thing in our reality is for our growth. When we look at it in that way we make it so.

We browse to observe the ever-evolving story, and every headline asks for attention. There are absolute jewels to be found: information to take us forward, to expand us and heal us. There are those whose perspective I value highly, feeling so fortunate when they offer spiritual information that speaks to me and helps me. This is food.

I also enjoy stories of people who are doing really loving things for humanity, or being kind to animals, or having fun in some cool way. This type of enjoyable information is nourishing too. I’m noticing that ‘feel better’ seems to be gaining ground on conflict. We can watch this change happening.

And then there is the pain of the world. I will go into the pain of the world because that’s what we’re here to address and change, in some way.

Most often we give ourselves to our family, the extended family of friends, and those we encounter in the course of a day. The personal day-to-day is where we can best affect change, and seeing it happen is really a joy. When the larger world negatively affects our family, we may choose to get involved in a ‘cause’. Or there may be something that calls us and we come.

For many years I worked in an arena, responding to the lingering effects of slavery in the U.S. The injustice and imbalance between human families called to me when I was very young, and I came. Over the years I learned so much, and grew so much. There was a great deal of the ego’s judgment and opinion to shed, but there was also awareness of the privilege. I worked to live up to the privilege, and the work was fruitful! We brought about a significant victory that will show up as essential down the road.

In the ‘lingering effects’ arena now there are forces at work, and I’m watching from a distance, not knowing what is what. With a whole lot of dust in the air, I’m not inclined to enter. Through it all I have come to greatly respect Afrodescendants individually and as a people; the inherent mercy, and the depth and height of their collective soul is what I have come to know and love. So we wait while the winds blow.

Where do I go today? I talk quite a lot about mother, and that’s the imbalance I often look at – what is up with mother. The Internet is full of images of the unwell, but let’s consider the ‘well’ Mother. She is the baby’s Universe. She’s the body her baby wants to be near, the voice her baby wants to hear, the divine source of nourishment and comfort, when she is within her own nature. Yes, to the baby Mother is God.

What makes mother God? She creates and responds to the needs of her creation. Response is what the baby needs in order to live – response without language or even thought. She attends to the deepest need with heart and body communication… she knows and goes.

Here’s an assertion that many of us believe is true: we are all sacred souls, and we are all connected. Something many have considered and even done, is to send love across that connection; a pulse of compassion that is a greater force than pain. We do it by using conscious intent.

This is how I see the well mother’s energy: it is continuously interacting with the well father’s energy. There are two creators, and the connecting pulses between them are Desire and Love. And then there is child. Wouldn’t it be something if the love pulse drives the whole of ever expanding life?

This we see as wellbeing: feminine draws masculine into action – she quenches his desire by responding with love. Creation is done through her. She is the second mind – the knowing heart. From there she will give her life if need be.

The shift in consciousness is very much happening, and more than a few of us are changing with it. When we know what to do by ‘feeling’, we’re often accurate and impactive. I’m definitely including men in the ‘more than a few’. So it’s going well – we’re coming along.

But Mother needs to continue healing and become herself. I think we all realize this. To the neglected children over time I say, please forgive us, as we have not been anywhere near ourselves.

For the 70 years of my life we women have become assertive, striving for an equal position, ‘modernizing’ ourselves, attempting to rise up. We took the only course we could see, which was to go out in the world, demand equality, and do what men can do. We contended with the mind that was the ruling power and we thought we should be like it – develop the mind, participate in the world, achieve progress, win your place. To develop the mind is a wonderful thing. But here’s the rub… the ruling mind has been operating by itself, separate from the heart. This civilization is dreadfully unnatural.

Left by itself, cerebral has brought us to this world we now see… corrupt at the top, crumbling, and destroying life as it goes down. All of this in an effort to maintain a paradigm whose time has passed. Do we really want to ‘win our place’ in this civilization? We need to build a new one.

Women are so much greater than the role that has been invented. This role, nowadays, can culminate in an announcement I hear all too often… “I don’t need a man.” Obviously there’s a problem with that: mother is within all of us, but for the physical mother to be a mother, we do need a man.

Balance begins within, between masculine and feminine polarities of consciousness. This marriage is the first union in unity consciousness. We go out from that center. There is no ‘eliminating the need’ of masculine and feminine, and we ought to know that since the patriarchy we are now leaving behind has given us a great example.

Now that we’ve come this far, I’m going to talk about an arena that is in conflict: it is information being opened up and suppressed. We don’t want to look at it, and we don’t have to. We have that choice. But it is an extreme behavior that affects everything including our families and the children of the world.

I imagine civilization has come to this state because of the lost connection… mother in her well state would never have allowed pedophilia to exist. Not even the thought of it. That hell came from her oppression.

The attack on innocence and purity has been around at least since the current patriarchy was established. In one of the books “god” approves of a baby of age three being violated. In some of the other books little ones as young as eight can be ‘married’. Jesus made some changes to this, including a destination for those who would harm “one of these little ones….” Jesus was a definite upgrade, but mothers had a long way to go, having been completely disempowered by ‘god’s will’.

There are so many ways children are unloved in today’s ‘system’ – nuclear radiation in the sea, vaccines in their bodies, dead food, dirty and toxic air, fluoride in the water, miseducation, water scarcity, plastic pollution, poverty, hatred, war, transhumanism.

The horror of pedophilia: dare we stand up and say to men, and unfortunately women, this lust to murder the heart… it’s Over. This lust for power and sensation and excitement and arousal and death… it’s Over. Do we trust ourselves enough to stand up to this by giving it our conscious attention? Can we say “Not in my house,” fully aware that everything is ‘my house’.

We know there is pedophilia, but mistakenly envision the unwashed trailer park guy. There is this vile secret in the trailer park, the Hollywood Hills, the posh suburb, across the globe, and most of all, at the top levels of power. That’s where the core and origin of this secret sits. These are the first ones that a wrathful Jesus would drop in the sea with a stone around their neck.

I can only imagine that in the building of this currently collapsing system, certain individuals destroyed their ability to feel. This gave them a natural advantage, and they took power. But many people, whose descendants we see emerging today, didn’t lose that ability. They kept it in secret, hid it, maybe disliked it, maybe tried to get rid of it. True feeling became dormant in many, and those who would create or speak with truth were rare. The effective, reforming ones would be brought down or killed.

Now that changes. We’re giving the heart-mind some oxygen, and then giving more and more. Sure enough, it comes alive again. What it takes is compassion for our own Self to bring divinity back to life.

However we are… however many broken, hurt, bitter, angry, self-hating parts we have, we can now see and accept those broken parts, giving loving attention, bringing all parts back into the fold. Becoming whole.

To Mothers I am proposing that, from a centered position, knowing the power of love, we acknowledge the pedophilia in the highest levels: the politicians, royalty, media, military, judicial, and beyond that to the power behind them. Can we acknowledge that which we don’t want to believe? Can we stop hanging on to the hope that they couldn’t do such a thing because we can’t even think it? Can we realize that we are the heroes we need?

As with our own parts of our own Self, I suggest that we recognize what is in the dark rooms and put Light on it. By simply putting light, no longer denying, we act to end it.

Send out a connection to the captured children, love them, send them the feeling of liberation, pour spiritual food on them, blow the wind of change to them. Do not join them in their suffering. Go in from above it. Take them out of it if only for a moment. If your connection is felt by only one, for only a few seconds, it is a victory. Increase the creator’s energy. There really is a spiritual war going on.

And also I offer to women that we Love men, honor them, and love the masculine ‘acting on it’ part of ourselves. Men with a heart – Wow – they’re out there and they’re amazing. Give attention to the men and women who are fighting this corruption on the ground, doing the physical battle. More than a few people have died uncovering the secrets. Admire the ones who are doing it in cyberspace. These people are brave and in battle.

Connect to them with the feeling of victory, of the resurrection of Love, of their dreams come true, of that which they have long desired, returning. Show them. Do not take on their outrage. Although wrath is justified, I propose that we send our communications from a place of respect and gratitude for their heroism. They’re ready to bring it down, and I’m ready for the truth to be told: not from outrage but from love of truth.

We affect what is taking place in our house by agreeing to look, or agreeing to look away. And there is no judgment on what we choose because all of our situations are different. Whatever way we undertake, our job is to civilize this house for the sake of Life.

No matter how you go forward, see the worthiness and force that you are, Mother. See your creation. You have given birth to individual, family and civilization. And it all comes from your Love of the Father. Take your position. Start saying yes and saying no. The degradation of the heart is Over.

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