Pilgrims of a Newer World

We have a strong desire to go home… whatever home is. Let’s call it a longing for wholeness. An ever-increasing community of souls, of which we are a part, is intentionally gaining awareness of what may have been hidden. Our return signals a new way of being that is authentic – compassionate, passionate and truthful. There will come a day when all people will see the light of Divinity within themselves, and they will be what they see, and love what they are – endlessly.

Heart communication. It’s an uncovering that approaches like the sunrise… ever increasing. To open up and let ourselves be loved is part of this conversation – to love and be loved. Just the thought of actually being loved could bring tears to our eyes, and behind those tears a flood of loneliness and grief… for separation comes with the visceral experience of judgment.

Born into the ‘out of balance’ world where judgment abounds and innocence is betrayed, we are returning as part of a shift in human consciousness. Millions are going within on some level. We speak of it as a journey, and it does feel like one: uncovering our inner world, our true selves, doing self-awareness and self-healing work, meditating, making efforts to change engrained thoughts, feelings, reactions and so on.

Within the past year I’ve reached a new awareness that is beginning to be real for me: the heart, the body, the mind in loving relationship and two-way conversation. End the war within, come into agreement and balance, listen and hear; the conversation is what can make us whole.

This change is taking place alongside global turmoil and exposure of hidden corruption, and that is as it should be. Everything uncovers. As we look into the hidden parts of a sick and dying world, we see innocence destroyed wherever we look. It’s okay to stay away – only look if you can do so without being pulled in. They can’t hold up to the exposure that is coming.

Just as we acknowledge the hidden aspects of ourselves, so it is with the hidden things of this world. When we love truth enough to acknowledge what IS, when we know that compassion will carry us through the resulting turmoil, when we have faith in the divinity within us, we are at the beginning of unity.

Since we’re creating a new world, everything is subject to upgrade: literature, art, architecture, agriculture, energy, education… everything. We can redefine the old terms, create concepts, introduce change to the collective in many ways.

Terminology places us consciously and unconsciously in a position. For example, in past writings I have used the word ‘warrior’: spiritual warrior. But I don’t see myself as a warrior anymore. One could say, I’m done with the inner fight; it’s time to proceed ‘as I am’: to let what was called ‘inner light’ radiate into what we call the ‘outside world’. The term that feels right at this place in the journey is the one my friend Soren uses: he calls us Pilgrims.

When I first noticed his use of the term, I thought about the illustrated book I read as a little girl: “Pilgrim’s Progress.” That book scared the bejesus out of me, felt kind of creepy, and yet I read it and thought about it more than a few times.

The Pilgrim of my childhood took an old world spiritual journey. Soren’s updated concept of pilgrims places us on a journey toward something we might not fully grasp. There are so many of us: brave and faithful Pilgrims. Even if we’re physically by ourselves we know we are never alone. And we are so loved. Remember: love isn’t only something we give. We must open to receive it.

There are pilgrims ahead of us and we listen for guidance with a discerning ear: some of the information has been vital for me. There are pilgrims beside us and behind us, and we pass along what we know. While perspectives may be different, our devotion to inner divinity places us in step with each other. Judge less… love more.

Here’s an interesting note: for years I chose to hear information offered by men and I dismissed the woman’s voice. I thought that she was trailing behind creatively, artistically, and intellectually: not much I could learn from her. That says a lot about the society that molds us, doesn’t it.

Like so many others, I have had to learn to appreciate a woman’s guidance, and the feminine polarity within all of us. It isn’t easy to transition from the survivor self to the intuitive self, but that is what it is. Together we find what we need to know.

I am the universe manifested as consciousness in a field called Ida
I am the experiences and the masters I have met along the way
I am the cosmos of intelligence that is my physical form
I am spirit, I am soul – the breath of Life
I am Truth that is Love, I am Love that is Truth

It occurs to me the way I felt as a child when Pilgrim finally dropped his burden. I was so relieved. It must have been a big sack of ‘unworthy’.

Are we worthy? Can you imagine how much of an impact our response to that question has? Respond as someone who is worthy of love. Make your choices as someone who is worthy of peace. The One Source or Force that we call Love and Truth is within us. So yes, we are worthy, always have been, always will be.

Listen and respond as a creator, as we write the New Pilgrim’s Progress.

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