From Judgment to Discernment

Would you rather hear me say, “I’m being guided to tell you,” or would you prefer that I just tell you?

I’ve been listening to messages that are presented as being from archangels or beings or fields or energies speaking through people. Previously I would have moved on, thinking… com’on – maybe it’s you talking? Then one day I realized that people in my spiritual family are offering their experience, and I’d like to know them better and understand their experience.

I decided to listen and ask: does what they’re saying ring a bell, let’s see what’s there, all information is for guidance, it comes in all kinds of ways, obviously these individuals care, and… if the info doesn’t ring a bell we can learn from that too.

It takes trust to move from judgment to discernment. What are we afraid of? That we’ll get romanced into something? We’ve spent a lifetime learning skepticism in so many ways. For me it was listening to the preacher, noticing the nice things he said, but not buying into the “I talked to God and God told me…” part of the sermon. I couldn’t get past the fact that God sounded just like the preacher.

It’s perfectly ok, wise, and loving to protect your heart from manipulation. But on this journey we don’t want to rely completely on remembered experience. A new world is coming and for some it is here.

I had resistance to some of Stuart’s information when I first encountered it, but his humor and pure ‘guts’ kept me listening: and I really needed help – I was so lost from myself. Stuart was a lifesaver for me, and I can say the same thing about Soren, who came along a few years later – he was a lifesaver. What I picked up on, that allowed me to open to these two teachers, was their honesty in expressing their lived experience.

As an example: I remember, maybe two years ago, I started to listen to Matt Khan. At the time he was channeling information from ascended masters and archangels. I liked what he said, so I accepted… ok… wherever it’s from, the message is good for me. Then one day he spoke of approaching the council of guides, and as he watched, every one of them lifted a mask that had covered their face. They were all him. The council was himself. He shared this information and kept it moving: honesty in expressing lived experience.

We share what we know: some of the time it is what we’ve heard from others and taken in, sometimes it is lived experience, or our logical conclusions, sometimes imagination, sometimes it is memory of ancestors, maybe from other lives, and so on. For me, all of this information available to us is like a buffet, and I’m more than willing to sort through it for what ‘fits’ or sheds light on this current experience.

I have come across such a variance in perspectives and even complete contradictions. For example, I can listen to one who teaches how to go home, and not incarnate again. Another teaches that as souls, we love being here, this is where experience of free will happens, and we line up to come back again. Both teachers touch me in the ‘sounds true’ department. And so we question and stretch and expand.

I’ve noticed very few instances where channeled information reaches beyond what’s available to us. I’ve also heard an explanation for that: they’re bringing guidance and clarity, but they’re not going to give us more than we can digest. And regarding contradictions… things that seem to contradict in 3D, may not contradict in higher dimensions.

Is channeled information really something other than the person’s own consciousness? Response #1: how could I know. Response #2: does it matter. If the message hits the mark, is it more good if it came from Jesus or Metatron or Mary and less good if it’s the intuitive knowing of a ‘regular’ human?

Here’s an excerpt from a channeled Kryon message: “Solutions exist to everything… the timing will not be revealed because you will create that with your own free choice, the system works, do not make any assumptions, open the doors as they are presented to you, do not decide in advance a door that should not be opened, move forward and what you came to do will happen.” Channeled or not, that message falls right in line with what I’ve been doing.

There are teachers who say that energies from Pleiades seeded the earth, or for some of us Sirius, or another star system or other dimension. That would be fine with me. But is this to be a belief system… a place to hang your hat? Am I a Lemurian… an old soul…? If I am, does it change the way I live the day? Does it make me any more or less responsible? And… is it stroking my ego a bit?

It’s my responsibility to adhere to truth and love, and to bring this change no matter where I am from or whose voice I might be listening to. We are accountable for the way we treat others, and for our choices. We choose to do right not out of fear of punishment, but out of knowledge of who we are.

We have protectors, teachers, helpers, those we don’t even know, who intuitively respond when our hearts call – there is love all around. Does the entirety of this love come from humans who embody this energy, or is possible that ‘other than human’ beings communicate the intelligence of love/truth with us when the need is real? Of course it is possible… even likely.

As we expand, we will be able to see what interferes with love within ourselves. We naturally become more honest in our expressions and more open to receive what others are offering. I’ve been open and listening to channeled messages and some of them have really hit the spot. The same can be said about information from other teachers, psychics, astrologers and so on who use means of gathering information I’m not familiar with.

Almost anything could be. So we discern not only the resonance of it, and how it feels in our bodies, but the information itself… truth is liberating, honesty is energizing, love is healing.

Hang in there, friends and family. I think we can expect the changes to just keep on coming… a little bit of the new every day. Truth is your friend… know that.

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