Entering a Sober New Age

Here’s a teaching I’ve heard posited by some in the new age family: The problems, issues, and relationship challenges in life are direct reflections of me. Or in other words: the drama on the outside reflects some ‘I caused it’ drama on the inside of me. I’ve beaten myself up enough over the years asking… “Why did I create that!?” I didn’t. We do co-create, but it is through our response to what is before us.

Here’s another new age teaching that rings true to me: The problems and issues in life are part of the collective consciousness that we are born into, to be a part of, to respond to, and evolve within: it’s the ‘story’ that serves as the framework for our evolutionary journey. In other words, free will within the ‘ever beginning’ story.

As we go within to uncover who we are, we begin to see the value of honesty and respect in that both change the way we feel inside – we enjoy a cleaner feel (vibration). From there we begin to practice truth, which means we find a way to tell the truth and keep our word even when we’d rather not. We also begin to practice love by finding a way to respond from the heart: listening, respecting, perceiving… even when it is difficult. This is how we create a world that reflects us: through the elixir of truth and love – in practice.

The New Age Movement is today’s subject. For me, the term New Age covers a very wide spectrum of thought related to the life of the spirit and understanding and experiencing what God truly is. It appealed to me in the ‘70s: the liberate myself aspect.

Now I see New Age as having expanded a lot, stretching all the way from the shallow side of fashion and specialness to a very advanced multi-dimensional knowledge and experience of Divinity within and of Creation itself. Quite a stretch!

Perhaps I should clarify that I’ve been a Sober new ager since the ’70s. (Thanks to Soren for the term “Sober new ager’.) Spiritual life is not something we dabble in; not a ‘lifestyle’. It is natural, and it seems to always have been: the natural yearning to know who we are. We sometimes refer to it as a journey.

The more we participate, the more we hear new age specialized terminology. In fact, the terminology stands out. For some it is a turn-off, others are conversant with it. I don’t know how we’ll create the next stage, but I imagine that in the coming years people will be communicating differently: speaking and understanding on a number of levels in a ‘feel-thought’ way. We’re not there yet, but it is our task.

An intriguing story I was exposed to as a child had to do with all people speaking one language, followed by the deconstruction of communication into many languages. It’s the Tower of Babel story. Apparently at some point, thousands of years ago, after the flood, humans reached an elevated consciousness. But… they began to be ungrateful and arrogant, seeing themselves as greater than the Infinite Source. This brought about a separation of tongues or languages, so they could no longer understand each other.

Now, thousands of years later, seeing how far that separation has taken us, we can incorporate the lessons of the story. Once again humanity is expanding in consciousness. We know, from the past example, what ingratitude and arrogance bring about. What the people at that time failed to do, we must do: surrender to the Infinite Source. There is actually no other option in the midst of this confusion. We must turn fully toward that which we know is divine – Truth and Love: be it, build it, return to it.

What does ‘surrender to the infinite source’ really mean in sober new age language? It means that God (Infinite Source) uses us as a light – a unique expression of Itself in form. Surrender to who you are. Do you understand? From the human being Truth is expressed; Love is the conduit of our expression.

Let’s look at reconstruction of heart-based communication.

Separation comes from use of specialized terms, or not pausing to define. Can we express the things on our minds and in our hearts without using specialized (by us for us) terminology? For many things I think we can, and we can certainly pause to define a fairly new term.

Recently I was listening to an Internet channel that I enjoy. In this show, the person being interviewed said: “Who’s to say a code carrier and code talker can’t open a portal wherever they are, you know, and realign their home to the grids even though the grids might not be in proper alignment around them, just through intention and conscious prayer. Who’s to say we don’t have those skills? You know, we do have those skills. Why not try it – why not find out ourselves.”

Wow… I appreciate that encouragement… if I understand it.

Do I know what codes and grids and portals are? Not sure I do. Hidden information could be delivered in so many ways to those ‘in the know’. If this is food for those who are beyond where I am, well, I’ll keep listening and see if it becomes more apparent. On the other hand, if codes and grids and portals are not new, but something we have been picking up on by ‘feel’ or perception, or responding to subconsciously, and we just haven’t attached a name to it, that would be good to know too.

Are there teachers with a lot of metaphysical experience? Sure there are – more and more every day. Can they communicate with the intention of reaching all on the journey, at whatever stage? Some of the teachers do it very well, and always have. Others easily can, perhaps if they hear a request, they will.

We play a role in this ascension/expansion of consciousness; we don’t just experience it – we create it. To do so, we aim to make it real. Welcome to the Sober new age.

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