What’s Happened to Mother?

“The trouble is, once you’ve seen it you can’t unsee it, and once you’ve seen it, keeping quiet, saying nothing becomes as political an act as speaking out. Either way, you’re accountable. Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing.” ~ Arundhati Roy

A few days ago I read a headline that said, “Woman sets husband on fire for raping her seven-year-old daughter.” That puts an image in my mind that I can’t unsee. My first thought… do we have to go this crazy?

What’s happened to Mother? Do you think if she were within her nature there would be such a thing as pedophilia? Would the thought of it even exist? Protective mother… who is she, where is she, what has happened to her. Out of her mind, injured, angry, missing in action maybe?

We’re watching for her to emerge. Like Ms. Roy, I too feel her coming home to take her seat.

I’ve spoken before on the subject of pedophilia and destruction of children, and even more the systematic corruption of innocence and Nature Herself. This in an effort to shine more light into that dark pit. If light needs to be shined in order to bring Mother back, and to bring Mother and Father into balance, then let’s do it. What is operating in the dark is forced to change when exposed to the light.

I am speaking of the Mother/Father balance within every being, i.e. I can feel/I can think. Equally I’m speaking of female and male human beings, mothers and fathers.

Babies and children deserve a protective mother. We all know that – it’s a natural, innate need and a justified expectation. This also is not a secret: mother was eased out of her position so very long ago. They came up with One God, but they were a bit off imagining that the One, the Source of our existence, of all existence, is a male human in the sky with a strange appetite for control, punishment and sacrifice.

When Divinity was placed outside of the human heart, it was the beginning of a chapter that I believe is now concluding. Here and now we see the Heart rising out of a ‘less than’ position. By Heart I mean the part of us that feels and knows by feeling – the part of us that really is One: we may think differently but we feel very much the same. Love feels like love in every one of us, and truth has a feel that we all recognize deep down.

The historical Jesus was a forerunner of this change. He came with the Heart message. But over time he realized that he had incarnated “out of due season”. The people weren’t ready for him. So he gave his inner message to a few close ones, and gave the rest of the people an outer message. Before he left, he said that he would return, his energy, his spirit, his consciousness would come back again, in much greater strength and beauty, and his message would be justice and mercy.

And here it is. We call it a shift: dimensional shift, consciousness shift, energy shift and so on.

At this moment in our collective story, we can see where justice is called for. We are being shown the pit of suffering caused by the imbalance of heart and mind: control by deception, divide and conquer, terrorism, energy vampirism and much more: the mind saying, “I can do as I will… I have seen the power of ‘no heart’. I know how to take energy from others and live on… my will be done!”

They don’t realize how small their world, how brief their time… or maybe they do. They seek now to merge man and machine in an attempt to escape death. Devolved, disconnected, forgetting, and they fight their last stand – to continue artificially or destroy all.

We are standing too: willing to see and no longer deny – observer consciousness – we turn the light on and keep it on.

Mother is returning to strength, and no, she’s not a virgin or nor is she a prostitute. What is the strength of the feminine? Feeling, yes, the heart, yes, innate response, yes, love, yes, and what love? Her strength is in her love of the masculine in its highest form – the Light of Truth. Her love is for Him, the Light, and for all of their dual creation. In Love she takes her seat of justice and mercy. Her force puts things in balance. Glorious indeed.

Justice and Mercy: most of us would like to forget that the return of the Heart involves justice; maybe our aversion is a throwback to the ‘judge in the sky’. But fear not: justice is another word for balance. Divine justice is Mercy.

Three Mothers

The first story is from a woman with a background much different than mine, who survived experiences I’ve never encountered. One day she sat down with me, very distressed and angry, and started to talk about what her daughter is going through, and what her grandchildren are dealing with, only to admit that her daughter’s experience is an exact pattern of her own experience – history repeating.

My friend has been missing most of her upper teeth for years. What happened to her teeth? Her husband, her daughter’s father, had beaten her many times. Her voice was pleading with me for an answer when she asked, “Why do we protect the one who is hurting us? I protected him and he did that to me.”

She expresses anger toward all men. “Men ain’t shit – I don’t trust any of them – I can take care of myself and I do.” I asked about her son, and his behavior toward women. She said her son hates what he saw his father do, and he tried to defend her when he was a baby. When he had grown big enough he stood up to his father and ‘handled him’. I told her that there are many other men like her son.

As to her ‘why do we protect him’ question, it could be we do it because it is in our nature to protect one who is damaged and in pain, and even as he hurts us we can see his damage and his pain. Or… it could be that we protect him because we’ve been programmed in guilt and shame, and we believe we deserve what he does.

The next story is from my own life. I’ll take you to a scene of five sisters, farm women, cooking a holiday dinner for the combined families. The fathers sit in living room and talk, children play outside, once in a while coming in to sneak a bite of food. When it is time to eat the men are served first. They fill their plates, then the children are given their plates. Finally, when everyone else was served, the mothers serve themselves and eat.

This was the tradition at holiday dinners and in every home. Fathers always go first because they are the head of the family. Love and obey God and husband as head of the family. Okay, I accepted that, I loved and respected my dad, at the same time it felt bad that mom never got the best food, she always got the last food. It didn’t settle comfortably in me, i.e. this is not fair but I don’t know what is.

Was there fear in my mother and in these farm women? Yes, there was fear of being judged and punished by God, and there was fear of opposing husband’s authority over the household and children. My beautiful mother was fearful; I know that, because I am healing her in so many ways, choosing to step beyond the confines and know more.

What point can this story make for us? The combination of male God and male as ‘head of the house’ removes mother from her natural role as protector of children.

The third story is about my exposure to a balanced partnership. A man who is much loved as a ‘teacher with a heart’ and a woman whose opinion is highly regarded in the field of law: together they run an organization. The culture in their home honors her, the Mother. Their communication is honest; sometimes they conflict; since they are both sovereign, they listen and resolve it. Parties at their home are a ton of fun. Meetings are serious.

From what I have seen, she loves his courage and steadfast leadership; he loves her mind and strength. Over the years I have seen her ferocity in protecting the children, and anyone who is treated unjustly. A few years ago he turned over reins of the organization to her, and by his request, the weight of decision-making in times when there is division, is 51% to 49% in favor of the women’s vote.

In this story we can see that the Mother is elevated to her seat by the Father; she did not elevate herself; she agreed to fill the position. He lifts her up willingly, intentionally and wisely. In cases where a very refined decision must be made, he gives the final word to the women and mothers. This partnership is in tune with the time.

Face the Truth

We have spoken about the seat of justice and mercy being occupied by the elevated feminine polarity, in balance with the masculine. So now we consider what would be justice for those who savage the innocence of children and mercilessly corrupt nature?

How far down have the heartless of this world descended? I recently watched video of lambs grown in a lab, outside of a mother, in an artificial womb. Imagine that: new life being deprived of all of the thought, feeling, energy, nourishment, love of mother while in the womb. It’s vile thing – removing the essence – what freakish life are they seeking to create?

Inventive minds… you can change the direction of science and technology and use the power of ‘mind as creator’ in a responsible way, with reverence for life. You can do it.

What else has gone far enough? What hasn’t? Science and technology tampering with life, media creating trends, programming minds and emotions, sexualizing and confusing children. For example, some of today’s children are being taught gender fluidity in kindergarten – no more referring to their friends as he and she. Gender fluidity in babies… is this leading somewhere?

Unity comes with the Marriage of the duality and the flow of love between the feminine and masculine. Duality in physical form doesn’t cease to exist when the two become One. It is the extreme polarity, which comes from being out of balance, that ceases to exist.

We’re evolving out of a very old and developed anti-Heart, energy-parasitic system. The old structure is destined to collapse at this time and yet it fights for continued existence. Justice waits, and how it will unfold I cannot even guess. I can only put my mind on where to stand: shine light into the pit by acknowledging that it exists – observe it.

For those within or even unintentionally in support of this demented child abuse structure: no matter how far you’ve gone, even to the point of complete forgetting, if you want to serve life, to experience joy in your physical existence, to revere what is Holy, you can turn about. You can do it.

Mother does not close the door – she does require that we face the truth.

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