Cold Weather – Warm Thoughts

when viewed from the inner peace-joy realms
what a marvelous experience this Life is
incredible battles, choices, tests, revelations
we’re here on purpose – with a mission – and a role

life is experienced as relationship and communication
and in essence it is one relationship – Self with Divinity
Source, Creator Force, God, Allah, All That Is, the Universe, Consciousness
this is the Love story that we are – I Love God – God loves me

I made the choice early in my life
in innocence I opened my heart to the quest
to know what God is and where God is
to experience God

from that place I went forth
to listen for truth to look for love
bruised and protecting myself
I wandered for many years in search of peace-joy

the quest led to a task – an undertaking
recognize the vibration of truth when you hear-feel it
take a stand in the world for others
rise with the knowledge gained from that experience

we uncover what is ‘going on’ – within and without
and this can be uncomfortable – to be always growing
yet we seek even greater awareness – with courage
and in gratitude – the quest is eternal

in those times of discomfort – remember – to feel it is to heal it
care for yourself – love yourself
forgive yourself and heal yourself
relationship and communication begins within

elevate the whole – just love – for no apparent reason

This writing was inspired by an article from Soren Dreier: Andalusian Dispatch – Extended Moments of Agape.

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