The Age of Spin

“We live in the age of spin – you can’t automatically latch on to anything.” Jordan Sather

The young YouTuber I just quoted is an information consumer and alternative news commentator. He knows we are being fed from both sides and many angles and that the information is intended to move us in one or another direction. Mass psychology: moving people not by fact or reason but by skillful manipulation of emotion.

We must see it in order to create a society free of it – and that begins by looking at the purpose, intention and angle of incoming information. Step back far enough to be an observer – listen to information without being taken into reaction.

Be brave enough to look at what human behaviors are hidden from the news – there is lack driving this system, here for a long time. The hidden behaviors and colluding extend from the vampiric depths of pedophilia to the rape of the earth to geoengineering to global surveillance of the people to artificial intelligence. Not pretty.

In the history that is recorded, we have experienced and allowed plunder, exploitation, slavery, oppression, war and plans made in secret, allowing deceit to flourish. Such deception is parasitic and eventually life-destroying. It makes sense that in order to impose such a system the people would need to be separated and controlled psychologically – and we have been and are.

It’s beginning to look like the deception is ‘playing out’. It ruled for a time period, but now we have entered a transformation/transition time when secrets and collusions are exposed. Just to see it is liberating for us. As the uncovered comes undone it seeks to extend itself by any means it can – artificially.

We want a better world, and not after we die – right here on Earth while living. We want peace restored to the earth and to truly live with respect for ourselves, love for life, respect for other individuals and other peoples and all of life.

So we look out at the ‘information spinning’, exposing behaviors and outcomes unthinkable to us, and we ask: How does Spirit deal with this?

What can we do but become whole – remember and restore ourselves – and be a light. This we can do. Whether communicating with yourself or thousands of people, be a light.

Listen to each other – get to know what’s really being experienced through honest communication – reconcile new information within yourself. Honesty has a ‘feel’ to it. It gives you strength and thereby increases the light within you. It is woven through with compassion. Dishonesty has the opposite effect, weakening you, dimming the light, leading to a cold and soulless state.

Refine your intuitive abilities by being honest with yourself and others, and then look around – you’ll see many who are here with you in Spirit – we’re doing it!

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