Questioning the Armageddon Program

Does humanity have to play out the Armageddon program?
World ‘leaders’ are making use of that story
So – since this is reality – we’re really looking at Armageddon

We’re also looking at other possible timelines as well
We don’t HAVE to go to global destruction – mercy mercy me
How about if we create a higher outcome

We can imagine it – envision it – begin it in small ways

Let’s say that what we anticipate we move toward
And what we move toward we bring into being
Wouldn’t that be some vital information

What do we anticipate?
If it’s Love One Another – right-on – it’s coming
I’m seeing us going after truth – seeking peace and justice

Honesty is becoming a trend
False pretenses are falling away
We’re getting real about who we are and what’s happening

We need to know what exists – what we’re dealing with
Even if it’s hard to hear
It has to do with footing and balance

So – back to the Armageddon

Woe to the deceivers
We see you trying to bring on destruction
We know what you’re doing – using the story

The people who claimed prophesy to create a nation
Were not visited by the Messiah of the story
They skipped that part – the point of it all

Heaven on earth comes first into being within us
We don’t need a lot of people to die in order to journey there
The story can unfold in a higher way – the door is always open

We want the Earth back in the hands of those who respect her
We want our descendants to live
In peace – delighting in life – along with all human families

Since we want it we can see it
Since we see it we can walk toward it
It’s up to us to change things

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