Writing, Book Publishing and Editing Services

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Writing, Book Publishing and Editing Services
Ida Lawrence / talk2momz@gmail.com

If you need content created, proofread, edited or published, I’m here to help. Whether you want to write about your personal experience, create some great fiction or talk about things that your business can provide, I can help you get it done.


I’m experienced with Amazon’s CreateSpace self-publishing program and distribution system. I will edit your writing, format your manuscript into book form, design your cover and submit your book for printing using this program.

Editing Your Blog

If you would like to write articles or blogs online and your work needs a little polish, or if English is not your first language, I can help you get your message across. I have a light touch as an editor, keeping the writer’s ‘flavor’ intact.

Writing for Your Business

If your business would like to publish a blog or newsletter, I can research and write your blog and post it to your website as well as to social media. You can read my blogs at amsfulfillment.com and scvmayorscommittee.org.

Website Content

I’ve created content for a number of websites involving medical and business terminology. I can write and post the content and made it SEO ready. I’ve written and optimized the full website content for Hoag Memorial Hospital and Hoag Orthopedic Hospital, AMS Fulfillment, Brigley Roofing & Exteriors, and partial content for a number of others.


“Ida is our “unsung hero” of the social media world. She works quickly and quietly, all behind the scenes, gathering information, doing interviews and writing AMS Facebook posts, blogs, tweets and press releases. She not only works independently on assigned projects, but also composes new innovative blog topics, constantly updates our web pages for SEO purposes and even writes articles and blogs for some of the organizations in the community we support. She goes above and beyond to promote AMS in social media and we couldn’t possibly do it all without her! Thank you, Ida!!!!!”

Covers of most recent books published using Createspace

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