What’s This ‘Quantum’ Talk?

“The quantum structure is a mirror image of your emotions, deeds and thoughts.” Marina Jacobi.

This morning I heard a lady say… “If it has existed, a spark of it is in you and you can access it with your intention.” Could be. I don’t deny things I don’t understand – and just in case quantum manifestation is real, let’s observe and refine what we intend.

How about we intend the highest good for all of life and see if we can make it personal and moment to moment. All is within you – even what you believe is outside. I think the lady I quoted is telling us that the journey within, into expanded consciousness, takes us to a place where we are a part of everything that ever was or will be. Maybe so.

This path is not twisted by the intellect, the ego, the reasoning – it is the heart’s path – pure and straight – you know what is right and good for your brother – your heart gives you the correct impulse. It is not an easy journey, it is pioneering for us, and it requires everything plus a fraction more.

What about the suffering world? Realize that the world out here online is something constructed. It’s information, much of it without integrity, intended to move you in some direction. In the room with you now is me – as you read this message it comes with a smile and a ‘high five’! We’re in this journey together, I’m real, you’re real, I offer you my best, and…

Your life is your friend next to you, your son, your neighbor, your granddaughter, the young man you know in prison, your extended family, your relationships – close to you is your real opportunity. If we want to impact the greater world out there it starts organically.

Begin by loving you, as you are; as the Force you originated from loves you. Be truthful, kind, forgiving and encouraging of you. Broken hearts are healing now – it’s that time for us to guide with the heart’s knowing in partnership with the mind’s reason.

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