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Questioning the Armageddon Program

Does humanity have to play out the Armageddon program? World ‘leaders’ are making use of that story So – since this is reality – we’re really looking at Armageddon We’re also looking at other possible timelines as well We don’t … Continue reading

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In But Not Of?

So, what does it mean to be in this world but not of it? I don’t know for sure… in and not of. That kind of pre-supposes that the world is bad and we don’t want to be ‘of’ it. … Continue reading

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Where Is God?

The Mind Trip We’re working our way through a massive mind trip: the minds that manage our incoming information have taken the concepts of love and tolerance and bent them to an extreme. We are asked to tolerate everything that … Continue reading

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Note to Readers

Hi Everyone, If you have thought about self-publishing a book… but you need help with the editing, interior design and cover, I’ve edited and laid out quite a few books using Amazon’s CreateSpace program. This is a service I’ve decided … Continue reading

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The Age of Spin

“We live in the age of spin – you can’t automatically latch on to anything.” Jordan Sather The young YouTuber I just quoted is an information consumer and alternative news commentator. He knows we are being fed from both sides … Continue reading

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Cold Weather – Warm Thoughts

when viewed from the inner peace-joy realms what a marvelous experience this Life is incredible battles, choices, tests, revelations we’re here on purpose – with a mission – and a role

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Solstice – Christmas – New Year Greetings – Day 14


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