Ruby Road Meditation

In response to calls for assistance in entering into the unified field of intelligence, the Void, the Morph, healing illness or deep stress and anxiety, and experiencing transformation, Soren Dreier has decided to offer to individuals an energy-personalized meditation sequence.

The unified field of intelligence, often referred to as the Morph or the Void, has been an integral part of Soren’s work. He entered that field in childhood, and as an adult, working in the field for more than thirty years, he has gained expertise and high regard as a professional teaching meditation and providing in-person healings, remote healings and energetic readings.

The Ruby Road Meditation is designed to open a personal doorway to a lifelong love affair with meditation, based upon an individual’s own energetic pattern as read by Soren from a photograph.

Every person will be provided with a specific mantra – that sound or vibration that is their own, to be utilized by no other. Sound is everything, as Soren would say, and the mantra will be given along with the meditation.

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