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Hi Everyone, If you have thought about self-publishing a book… but you need help with the editing, interior design and cover, I’ve edited and laid out quite a few books using Amazon’s CreateSpace program. This is a service I’ve decided to provide, and it might be a match for you. If you’re interested, email me at and I’ll let you know the process and the costs involved. Here are the covers of the last three books I did: Continue reading

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The Age of Spin

“We live in the age of spin – you can’t automatically latch on to anything.” Jordan Sather

The young YouTuber I just quoted is an information consumer and alternative news commentator. He knows we are being fed from both sides and many angles and that the information is intended to move us in one or another direction. Mass psychology: moving people not by fact or reason but by skillful manipulation of emotion. Continue reading

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Cold Weather – Warm Thoughts

when viewed from the inner peace-joy realms
what a marvelous experience this Life is
incredible battles, choices, tests, revelations
we’re here on purpose – with a mission – and a role Continue reading

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Solstice – Christmas – New Year Greetings – Day 14


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Solstice – Christmas – New Year Greetings – Day 12

Wishing you a beautiful time of rest – before the new year begins!

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Solstice – Christmas – Happy Holidays – Day 11

Hope you had a great Christmas!

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Solstice – Christmas – Holiday Greetings – Day 10

Have a great Christmas !!

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